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The Symptoms And Treatment Of Children Vitiligo

the symptoms and treatment of children vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a acquired pigment loss skin disease, it form the white patches in part of the skin. This symptom called depigmentation in the medicine. Children vitiligo with high incidence rate. It can happen in any part of the world, have no obvious difference between the female and male. Children vitiligo is easy to diagnose but hard to treat. Many parents of children vitiligo patients wonder if Children vitiligo can be cured completely? In the following part, I’d like to analyze it in detail.

First you need to know the symptoms of children vitiligo.

1. The vitiligo changes: it start as the early age, have less influence to the children vitiligo condition. Because children vitiligo most at the stable stage, most of the vitiligo is segmental vitiligo. One year after onset the vitiligo, their disease is relatively stable.

2. Mental state: the preschool vitiligo children their living environment mainly is family, they often self centered, the vitiligo hardly can cause mental problem to them. But the preschool vitiligo children often allergic to the cold and mock of the people around them, it will cause them have pressure in their emotion, sleep problem even will have sense of inferiority, it can influence their disease stable and treatment effects.

3. Vitiligo condition: the children vitiligo earliest onset age is after born, have vitiligo before 10 years old occupy 15% among the vitiligo patients. The female children vitiligo patients obviously more than male children vitiligo patients.

4. Skin lesion: about 50% of vitiligo children skin lesion distribute around their head and neck, about 28% skin lesion distribute in the double lower limbs, about 18% skin lesion located in their trunk, about 6% distribute around their perineal region. The vitiligo first found often around the external genital organs, perianal area and other areas. It easy to start at their knees, elbows, forearms, hands and feet, because these areas are easy suffer from external injuries.

5. The skin lesion distribution: their skin lesion distribution often generalized all over their body, it occupy about 33% to 42% in the children vitiligo patients.

Treatment of children vitiligo patients.

For children vitiligo patients, it is very important to treat their vitiligo earlier, vitiligo treated in the early stage is critical for the vitiligo treatment. Many clinical practice proved that vitiligo in the early stage is easier to treat. That because there are melanin pigment that did not destroyed completely in the early stage vitiligo. This vitiligo called incompletely vitiligo. Generally after two to three treatment courses under the scientific treatment, their vitiligo can disappeared completely. If their vitiligo treated in that time, their melanocyte in the basal layer have the chance to be repaired, it can divide, generate and secrete the melanin then transport to all the layers of epidermis and finally achieve ideal treatment effects.

The vitiligo on the early stage with relatively small size, the melanocyte of the normal skin around the vitiligo can move to the white spots areas that can help their vitiligo disappeared quickly and finally shorten their treatment course. If the children vitiligo delayed for several years or even over 10 years, their treatment course must longer. So early found, early treatment is the best policy for vitiligo treatment. Many vitiligo patients go to find the doctors and treated their vitiligo for very long time but still did not cure their vitiligo, they will think the vitiligo is an incurable skin disease and give up the treatment. All these thoughts and acts will cause negative influence to their vitiligo treatment.

Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital innovated a systemic vitiligo treatment called UM-D treatment. It is safe, dependable. The UM-D treat vitiligo according to the symptoms and causes of every vitiligo patients, so the UM-D cure rate is much higher than other vitiligo treatments. The children vitiligo patients if receive the scientific and systemic treatment in their early stage, their vitiligo have great chance to be cured completely. If you have any question about children vitiligo treatment, welcome mail to


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