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Does Vitiligo is Curable?

does vitiligo is curableDoes vitiligo is curable? Why my vitiligo hard to cure? That’s the most concerned question by vitiligo patients.

But in fact vitiligo is a curable skin disease, there are some vitiligo patients around us finally cured their vitiligo. But why my vitiligo can not find a cure? What caused this problem?

The causes vitiligo hard to cure.

1. They treat their vitiligo by themselves but do not turn to the doctor: many vitiligo patients treat their vitiligo by themselves. Most of these patients lay their hope on certain specific drug, so they search for the specific medicine of vitiligo all over the world. We moved by their spirit, but I don’t think this is a scientific treatment. If every disease have the specific medicines, there is no need of doctors. We neglect the doctor’s effect. Doctor is the one who help us to choose the medicines. Different medicines combine differently have different treatment effects. This is the surprise doctor brought to us. Second any medicine in the market have certain therapeutic effects, but why it can not cure my disease? Because different dosages and different collocations in different times can achieve different treatment effects. There are many vitiligo patients often choose to buy the medicines in the internet rather than treat their vitiligo according to the treatment plan made by the doctors. It is often hard for vitiligo patients themselves make the scientific treatment for their vitiligo. If vitiligo can be cured easily, it can not be recognized as one of the stubborn skin diseases in the world.

2. Adopt mono therapy to treat their vitiligo: in fact in this modern society, many people still lay their hope on the external use drugs and phototherapy. In fact except the external use drugs, phototherapy, there are also many other treatments for vitiligo such as traditional Chinese medicines, acupuncture, Chinese medicine bath, Chinese medicine fumigation, optical energy, some large scale medical equipment and etc. All these treatments can help to treat vitiligo. These systemic treatments might brought some unexpected surprises to you.

How to treat vitiligo?

1. Find a professional institution: most vitiligo patients choose to treat their vitiligo in the dermatology department in the general hospital. If there is a specialist vitiligo hospital for your selection, will you choose the specialist vitiligo hospital or the general hospital. According to the vitiligo treatment experience, do you think is the doctors from the specialist vitiligo hospital have more experience or the doctors from general hospitall?

2. Treat vitiligo according to the causes: from the symptoms, all the vitiligo are the same, have no much difference, but patient’s inducements have some difference. There are many factors can cause vitiligo such as external injuries, autoimmunity disease, lack of trace elements, melanin pigment antibodies, genetic factor and etc. So every vitiligo patients should treated with the special treatment plan according to their vitiligo condition.

3. Treat the symptoms or the causes: vitiligo formation cause is the part of the skin lack of melanin pigment. The melanin pigment is secreted by the melanocyte. The melanocyte is in the skin, the skin depend on the blood to get oxygen, the blood produced by our body. So treat vitiligo can not only take the topical skin problem into consideration. The whole body should take into consideration, combine the internal and external treatment together. All these factors such as free radical, tyrosinase, interleukin, exogenous factors and etc. can cause vitiligo. So now you must understand whether vitiligo can be cured completely and the recurrence rate of vitiligo.

After finish the article, you can understand whether vitiligo is curable or not? Why you are hard to find a cure for your vitiligo? I think the answer is in your mind. Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital innovated the UM-D treatment according to those theories I mentioned above. If you have any idea about vitiligo treatment, you can contact with our online customer staff or mail to


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