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The Types And Treatment Of Vitiligo

types and treatment of vitiligoVitiligo also called leucoderma, the leuco means white, the derma means skin. Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease will seriously damage our appearance and also will greatly blow our confidence. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the types and treatment of vitiligo.

Types of vitiligo

1. Localized vitiligo:

The vitiligo clustered in certain area or single distribute in one part. This is the early symptoms of vitiligo. The size of vitiligo is relatively small, the melanin pigment generation system in the vitiligo area did not lost the function totally. We can use some medicines or other treatments to treat vitiligo.

2. Sporadic vitiligo:

The vitiligo symmetrically distribute in different part of the body with different sizes. This type of vitiligo often can be seen in the early stage or stable stage. The vitiligo have genetic factors and spread tendency. So vitiligo in this stage needed to be treated positively or it might developed into generalized vitiligo.

3. Generalized vitiligo:

The total area of vitiligo is more than half of the body surface area. This type vitiligo is still in the development period. If the area of vitiligo is big and the pigment in the skin seriously damaged, this kind of vitiligo is not easy to treat. So vitiligo patients had better treat their vitiligo at early stage.

4. Acral type vitiligo:

Vitiligo first start from the acral areas such as face, fingers and toes. The vitiligo mainly distribute in these areas. A few patients accompany with generalized vitiligo on the trunk. These symptoms often occur in the initial stage of vitiligo. This kind of vitiligo is easier to treat in the early stage.

5. Segmental vitiligo:

Vitiligo distribute along the nerve segments. This kind of vitiligo often induced by some diseases. So if you want to treat this vitiligo, you first need to treat the disease induce the vitiligo. Only by get rid of the disease root, the vitiligo treatment will achieve good and quick treatment effects.

So vitiligo patients had better treat their vitiligo as earlier as possible to avoid their vitiligo delay. If you have any question about the types of vitiligo, you can mail to


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