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Does 308 Laser Can Treat Children Vitiligo Patients

does children vitiligo patients can use 308 laser to treat their vitiligoDoes Children vitiligo can treated with 308 excimer laser? According to the clinical data, we can see the children already become the high risk group of vitiligo patients, many parents desperately search for a cure for their children’ s vitiligo. 308 excimer laser have great effects to treat vitiligo, but some people want to know does 308 excimer laser can treat children vitiligo? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about this.

Does children vitiligo can be treated by 308 excimer laser?

308 excimer laser is the one of the common used treatment for vitiligo. Many patients adopt 308 eximer laser to treat their vitiligo. Many patients see a ray of hope from that. But the experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates that although 308 excimer laser apply to certain group of people and many types vitiligo. But not all people suit to treat their vitiligo with this treatment, only treated according to their vitiligo symptoms, they can achieve better treatment effects.

The Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital experts introduce that compare with the surgeries and medications, the phototherapy at present are the one of the treatments have great treatment effects to children vitiligo patients. Many children completely cured their vitiligo after use this treatment. Especially use 308 excimer laser.

Advantages of 308 laser.

1. Safety and without surgery. Pure green treatment, the light have no harmful effects to vitiligo patients. It make the patients have light warm feeling, the energy concentrate on the vitiligo lesion.

2. With obvious treatment effects. The the light source of 308 laser directly irritate on the vitiligo lesion, it can quickly promote the melanin synthesis, normally after take 4 to 6 times of 308 laser, many vitiligo patients can see the obvious treatment effects.

3. Suitable for a wide range of people. The 308 laser can not apply to pregnant women, children and people with weak physique condition who can not take medicines.

The vitiligo patients should go to specialist vitiligo hospital to comprehensively treat their vitiligo, single treatment often have poorer treatment effects than systematical treatment. If you have any question about vitiligo treatment, welcome to mail to


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