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Health Cares For Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo treatmentVitiligo is one of the chronic stubborn skin diseases in the world. Why it’s a stubborn skin disease? There are several factors cause this result. One is the pathogenesis of vitiligo is still remain unclear. Second is vitiligo have no self consciousness feelings such as itching or pain, so it’s is hard for vitiligo patients to found they have vitiligo on the early stage. The third factor is many vitiligo patients take chances that their vitiligo might healed by itself or it might never spread, so they delayed their vitiligo and finally miss the best time to treat their vitiligo. In fact, if the vitiligo patients found they have vitiligo and come to the specialist vitiligo hospital to treat it earlier, the vitiligo with small skin lesion and short disease course will have relatively good treatment effects, there are also many patients can cure completely. There are several health cares for vitiligo patients in the following part.

1. Cultivate a regular life habits, avoid long time under the anxious and mental tension state.

2. Properly increase the sunshine, but avoid too much sunshine to prevent sunburn.

3. Avoid external injuries, the external injuries might cause Koebner Phenomenon will worsen the vitiligo.

4. Vitiligo patients can not use cosmetics or external use drugs with strong stimulating effects.

5. Vitiligo patients can adopt systematical treatment, combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, mental therapy and etc.

6. The most important for vitiligo patients is cooperate with their doctor positively, insist to treat their vitiligo.

7. Enhance physical exercise, improve their physique and immunity.

Now is in winter, the temperature in winter is very low, the low temperature have certain effects to the digestive system and endocrine system of vitiligo patients, which will accelerate the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein these three nutritional substances, it will consume us much energy. So vitiligo patients in the winter should increase the intake of hot foods. They can properly eat more fresh flours and rices, eat more coarse grains.

Vitiligo patients in the winter can supply more iron and calcium to improve their resistance to the cold. If the vitiligo patients lack of iron and calcium, they will easy to feel cold, that will influence their health, it is not good for their vitiligo recovery. So vitiligo patients can eat more dairy products, bean products, animal livers and other foods rich in calcium and iron. You can mail to if you want to know more about the health care and treatment of vitiligo.


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