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Which Drugs Should Use Carefully to Treat Vitiligo

drugs attentions for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a depigmentation disease familiar by many people. There are about 1% of people in the world have this disease, it is one of the recognized stubborn skin diseases in the world. The most obvious feature of this disease is it’s easy to diagnose but hard to treat. In recent years, many medicines for vitiligo flood into the market make many vitiligo patients dizzied, the patients must carefully to use the drugs to treat their vitiligo. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduction of some medicines vitiligo patients must carefully use.

1. Hormone drugs.

Hormone drugs such as prednisone, although this type medicine have quick treatment effects and easy to use but with great side effects. Long term clinical practice proved that it’s shortcomings overweight it’s advantages. Because this kind of medicine no matter how to use can not get rid of it’s the inhibit effects to the function of adrenal gland cortex of our body. This medicine long time used can make us dependent on it. Besides once stop using this drugs will brought severe rebound reaction cause the disease hard to cure. So vitiligo patients should carefully treat this disease especially those early stage vitiligo patients and children vitiligo patients.

2. Antitumor drugs.

The drugs clinically used to control vitiligo are nitrogen mustard drugs, long term use this type medicine easy to make the skin shrinking and aging.

3. Copper agents.

Copper ion is the important prothetic group of the tyrosinase, it closely related with the tyrosinase activity. So there are some drugs used to treat vitiligo. But there are reports about the vitiligo patients dead because of intravenous inject the drugs contains copper agents.

4. Drugs for external use.

The cream contain corticosteroid hormone have good treatment effects to the vitiligo patients with small skin lesion. It can use together with other treatments. But this type drugs contain hormone, it can cause skin atrophy, it can form the striae atrophicae in certain site. The vitiligo patients should use this type medicine under doctor’s instruction.

But purely medication treatment often hard to cure vitiligo, the systemic treatments often can achieve better treatment effects. Moreover, the vitiligo have difference types, the pathogenesis of vitiligo still remain unclear. All those make the vitiligo become a stubborn skin disease. So vitiligo patients had better adopt systematic treatments to treat their vitiligo. Welcome mail to if you have any question about vitiligo.


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