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Phototherapy To Treat Vitiligo

phototherapy to treat vitiligo

Vitiligo is a depigmentation skin disease, it is easy to diagnose but hard to cure. The common treatments for vitiligo at present except the medication treatment and melanocyte grafting surgery, there also another treatment is phototherapy. These three treatments are the main vitiligo treatments at present. In this article, I’d like to discuss the phototherapy with you. The phototherapy can divided into three types, in the following part, I will explain it in detail. Beijing CASU Vitiligo hospital imported very professional medical instruments to treat vitiligo with very good treatment effects.

1. Ultraviolet light therapy.

This therapy induce the infiltrated pathologic T lymphocytes apoptosis, secretion and regulate the cell factor, it can develop the immune regulation reaction to stimulate the melanocyte active factors, make the melanocyte in the skin regenerated. It will make the tyrosinase genes expression increased, make the surface receptor of melanocyte increased. Although this treatment often adopted to treat psoriasis and vitiligo, but for those vitiligo patients with photosensitive symptom and skin cancer, we do not suggest them to use this kind of treatment. The pregnant women also should use it carefully.

2. 308 excimer laser treatment.

The mechanism of this laser used to treat vitiligo might related with the T lymphocytes apoptosis. After irradiated by the 308 excimer laser, it can make the T lymphocytes apoptosis and make the skin lesion not only disappeared at the naked eye level but also can repair it’s tissue structure. This kind of treatment suit to treat the limited vitiligo in the stable stage.

3. Low energy He-Ne Lasers irradiation.

The irradiation take advantage of biological stimulation rather than heat effect. Because the scientists found the HE-NE lasers can repair the damaged nerves, so the doctors holds that this kind of laser have certain treatment effects to those segmental vitiligo patients with nerve function deficiency.

4. Photochemotherapy to treat vitiligo.

This kind of phototherapy play a therapeutic effects by intake or topical apply psoralen and then irradiate with the UVA to cause the photosensitive reaction. This kind of phototherapy can make the activity and number of melanocyte in the skin increased. But this kind of treatment have certain side effects such as aging the skin, make the skin pigmentation, dry and shrinking.

The experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital indicates that all these four phototherapy introduced above apply to treat vitiligo should under certain circumstances and for certain groups. During the treatment process, the vitiligo patients also need to take care of their skin to avoid skin damaged and in case worsen their vitiligo. If you have any question about phototherapy, welcome to send email to


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