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Traditional Chinese Medicine Fumigation Treatment For Vitiligo

traditional Chinese medicine fumigation deviceVitiligo is the one of the recognized stubborn skin diseases in the world. The vitiligo will brought serious damage to the patient’s life, so treat it in the early stage is very critical. There are many vitiligo treatments in the world, the traditional Chinese medicine fumigation treatment is a newly innovated treatment for vitiligo. In the following part, I will make a brief introduction about this treatment.

The traditional Chinese medicine fumigation treatment adopt the traditional Chinese medicines, in the treatment process, the medicine penetrate into the patient’s skin in the ion style, it can accelerate the blood and lymph circulation, promote the metabolism of the basal melanocyte in the skin to remove the metabolic products and finally achieve the treatment effects. At the meantime, the medicine heated can promote the concentration of the medicine full play to accelerate the speed of the vitiligo treatment.

The medicines of this treatment abstract from many precious Chinese herb medicines. Compare with the traditional medicines, the medicines adopt by the traditional Chinese medicine fumigation directive property is stronger, it can directly act on the vitiligo lesion, help to regulate their internal organs to balance the Yin and Yang in their body and finally get rid of vitiligo.

Because the treatment is mainly with traditional Chinese medicine, so it completely avoid the medication stimulation to the stomach and intestines. It can relieve the burden in their liver and kidney especially for the vitiligo patients in the development period. It plays important role in dispelling the wind, have the detoxification effect, can cool and enrich the blood and improve the immunity. It can relieve their vitiligo condition and get best treatment effects finally.

The principles of traditional Chinese medicine fumigation:

Properly match different Chinese medicines with treatment effects for vitiligo and heated these medicines into the steam state, the steam contains medicines fumigate the patient’s skin. In this way to promote part of the vitiligo patient’s skin blood vessel dilate and accelerate the metabolism of their skin. In this way to supply the necessary nutrition their skin need. This can regulate their body functions and effectively treat their vitiligo. The traditional Chinese medicine fumigation is safe and dependable, it have small stimulating effects, it can avoid the simulating effects of some medicines to the oral mucosa, digestive tracts and stomach system. It can improve the usage rate of the medicine, it also can improve their immune system. But although the traditional Chinese medicine have good treatment effects for vitiligo patients, but the treatment effects is relatively slower, the patients can not use it blindly. The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital suggest the patients go to test their vitiligo systematically in the specialist vitiligo hospital, they should choose the treatment plan according to their vitiligo condition under the instruction of their doctor.

How long it takes for vitiligo patients to do the Chinese medicine fumigation treatment for a time? It is better to have 30 minutes interval time every time you do the fumigation. Last too long time is also not good. The specific time need decided according to their vitiligo conditions. The experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital suggests vitiligo patients cooperate with their doctors to treat their vitiligo. They also need to control their diet during their treatment process.


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