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Chinese Medicine Bath to Treat Vitiligo

Chinese medicine bath to treat vitiligoMany vitiligo patients worried about the treatments of vitiligo, because vitiligo is a chronic stubborn disease, it will recurrent repeatedly and very hard to treat. But with the science development, there already have new technology to treat vitiligo. Vitiligo patients can have a try. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the Chinese medicine bath to treat vitiligo.

Traditional Chinese medicine bath to treat vitiligo:

Add one or several Chinese medicines into the water with proper temperature, fumigating and bathing at the vitiligo lesions. This is an external treatment common used to treat vitiligo in the traditional Chinese medicine.

The Chinese medicine bath highly favored for it’s safety, without side effects. The treatment effects of Chinese medicine bath to treat vitiligo is quite well, the benefits to the patients is also many. First it can clean their skin, improve their skin state. Take Chinese medicine bath to treat vitiligo can let the medicine penetrate into the skin, it is effectively to improve their skin state.

The principles of traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo is:

Through the bath, make the capillaries in the skin dilating, make the medicines in the water absorbed by the skin to treat vitiligo.

The effects of traditional Chinese medicine bath:

Chinese medicine bath with unique way of administration. The effective components in the Chinese medicine bath through the sebaceous glands, sweat glands, hair pores and other parts enter the body to take effects. In the one hand this treatment can have effects quickly, the medicine absorbed by the skin enter into the blood circulation finally reach the internal organs, it can treat vitiligo from the root. One the other hand it can avoid the medicine orally took stimulate the oral mucosa, digestive tracts, stomach and intestines. It is safety and dependable without side effects. The Chinese medicine bath is easy to adopt, it not only can treat vitiligo but also can increase their body immunity, promote the blood circulation. It have many effects such as prevent the disease, strengthen the body and beatify the skin.

The attentions of Chinese medicine bath to treat vitiligo:

Chinese medicine bath should follow the prescription principle, choose the medicine according to their diseases and symptoms. The specific ways to decocting and bathing is also different according to the personal physiques, times, sites, disease conditions and other factors. Different types of Chinese medicine bath have different effects and it apply to different ranges. The Chinese herbal medicine bath have the effects of warming the meridians, circulating the qi and blood, dispelling wind and arresting itching, dredge sweat pores, remove heat and detoxification, activating the blood and remove the stasis. The patients can choose Chinese herbal medicines according to their vitiligo conditions.

After finished this article, I think you all know the Chinese medicine bath can treat vitiligo. But vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease with complex pathogenesis, if they want to get rid of it from the root, they need to use systematic ways to treat their vitiligo.


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