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Dose Vitiligo Patients Can Take a Bath in Hot Spring

does hot spring bathing good for vitiligo patientsVitiligo as a skin disease, so we need to pay attention to systemically treat it. Beside treatment, the daily health care is also important for vitiligo patients. Take a bath in hot spring in nowadays become a fashion, in the winter many people want to take a bath in hot spring to get rid of cold. Since it welcomed by many people, some vitiligo patients want to know if they can take a bath in hot spring? In the following part, I’d like like to explain it clearly.

The hot spring with higher temperature, it not only can promote the blood circulation, it also can relax muscles and joins, decrease the joint tensions of vitiligo patients to help relieve their disease condition. But hot spring is not a miracle drugs, it can not cure every disease. When people feel tired, what is import to them is a good rest. If they take bath in hot spring immediately when they are tired, it will increase the burden on the heart and lungs. Vitiligo patients in that time can decrease the time to take a bath in hot spring, they also can choose the spring water contains sulfur, because sulfur have great effects to maintain the moisture and nurture the skin.

All the hot spring contains sulfur this mineral substance, sulfur have strong effects to inhibit the bacteria, stop itchy. Moreover the temperature of hot spring water have effects to improve the micro circulation of the skin surface. There are also a large amount of trace elements lacked by vitiligo patients, take a bath in hot spring can help to accelerate the recovery of their vitiligo.

But they must remember a proverb that is too much water can drowned the miller. Although the hot spring is good for vitiligo patients, but they also need to take the bath moderately. Frequently take bath in hot spring can cause the onset of some skin diseases. There are some people show some phenomenon such as itchy, dryness, peeling after take a bath in hot spring. The experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital holds that vitiligo patients need to know some attentions when take hot spring.

Water temperature of hot spring generally is higher. In fact the water temperature exceed 32℃ might cause some damage to people’s skin. Moreover, there are some alkaline and stimulating substances in the hot spring, all these substances might stimulate and destroy the self protecting function of the skin.

Vitiligo patients accompany with high blood pressure or heart disease also can take a bath in hot spring but can not exceed to 20 minutes every time. They should get up slowly to avoid their blood vessels expand and blood pressure decrease which will cause them dizzy and fall down.

The best time for the vitiligo patients to treat their disease is when they diagnosed with vitiligo. If you miss the best treatment period, it not only can increase the treatment difficulty but also will increase their treatment fee.


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