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308 Excimer Laser To Treat Vitiligo

308 laser treat vitiligoThe treatment effects of 308 laser is quite well, 308 excimer laser systemic treatment use the laser beam directly act on the part of the vitiligo, promote the T lymphocyte apoptosis, activate the tyrosinase, recover the natural growth of melanocyte to achieve the purpose of treatment. Compared with traditional ultraviolet ray treatment, the 308 excimer laser have two features you need to pay attention to, one is the times of treatment and accumulated irradiation dosage is fewer, the laser beam is only several centimeters, only involved skin exposed to the irradiation, it’s much safer. In the following part, I’d like to make a brief introduce of the 308 excimer usage in the vitiligo treatment.

The concrete principle of excimer laser to treat skin disease:

1. It can induce the apoptosis of cells, improve local immunity. The direct cause of vitiligo is the T lymphocytes live in the skin killed the melanocyte.

2. Stimulate the generation of melanocyte. There are part of the melanocyte escaped from the self immune damage, the 308 excimer laser can stimulate the generation of the remained melanocyte.

3. Activate the pseudo catalase. There are many skin diseases in the vitiligo, the pseudo catalase in the skin can get rid of the oxygen radical, provide a clean environment for the melanin pigment in the skin, the 308 excimer laser can activate the pseudo catalase to get rid of the oxygen radical.

4. It can improve the local micro circulation, promote the synthesis of melanin pigment.

From this article, I think you might have a clear understanding about the treatment effects of 308 laser treatment. If you have any question about the vitiligo treatment, welcome to send email to


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