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New Treatment Options for Vitiligo Repigmentation

new treatment opitons for vitiligo repigmentationVitiligo is a common pigmental stubborn skin disease. It’s characterized by white spots on the skin caused by the pigment loss in part of the skin induce localized or generalized vitiligo. There are two types of vitiligo in clinic according to the symptoms of vitiligo that are vitiligo vulgaris and segmental type vitiligo. Moreover, most of white spots on the skin can merged with each other formed into irregular patches and spread to the most parts of the body surface. So many people concerned about the repigmentation of vitiligo. In this article, the experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital make a brief introduction about the new treatment options for vitiligo repigmentation.

First vitiligo patients should systematically diagnose their vitiligo. Generalized vitiligo have longer treatment course, when begin to treat this kind of vitiligo, first need to do is to is to take series tests to find out the true causes of their vitiligo and then make the treatment plan to help their vitiligo repigmentation. Different type of vitiligo should adopt different treatments. First it is good for vitiligo patients not blindly take treatments to treat generalized vitiligo, because blindly take medicines might worsen their illness condition. The first need to treat any disease is to find out the pathogenic factors of their vitiligo and then targeted the causes to treat.

Go to a standard specialist vitiligo hospital. The patients should should go to a normal specialist vitiligo hospital to receive treatment, must remember never believe in those so called folk remedies and quacks. If the patients do not go to the specialist vitiligo hospital to systemically diagnose and find out the true causes of their vitiligo and take medicines blindly not only can not treat their vitiligo even will make their body resistant to the drugs and influence other treatment effects. Many vitiligo patients blindly take medicines and finally cause their vitiligo treated for a long time but can not achieve good treatment effects.

Adopt professional therapy to treat. According to the suggestions of experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital, the vitiligo patients needs to adopt some relatively professional treatments, if it is possible, go to the specialist vitiligo hospital to treat, because those hospitals have more experiences and more advanced medical instruments, they invest much more manpower and material resources in the vitiligo treatment, so it is much dependable to choose those hospitals. It can help their vitiligo repigmentation earlier.

Moreover, the treatments and medicines adopted to treat vitiligo should according to the vitiligo conditions of every individual vitiligo patients. Because the pathogens, inducements, clinical types and vitiligo conditions of every vitiligo patients are different, the treatment effects they can get is also different. At present, the treatments combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, combine topical treatment with holistic treatment are mainly used to treat vitiligo and have better repigmentation effects of vitiligo from clinical cases. Besides the vitiligo treatments are very complex, monotherapy often can not get very good treatment effects. The vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, it’s treatment course is relatively longer, so it is better to combine several treatments together to treat vitiligo and receive the vitiligo treatment under the help of professional physician.

What I mentioned above are the new treatment options for vitiligo patients. Once vitiligo patients found they have vitiligo, they need to treat their vitiligo as earlier as possible. If you have any further question, welcome to contact with our online doctor.


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