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What Factors Influence Vitiligo Treamtment Effects

what factors can influence vitiligo treatment effectsThere is a question frequently asked by the patients in clinical treatments, in this article, I'd like to analyze this question for you and give you the answer help you to get the best treatment effects you want. this frequently asked question in clinic is why some vitiligo patients can get quicker treatment effects some can not? In the following part, I'd like to explanin it clearly for you and tell you what factors influence the treatment effects.

From the angle of patients, of course the quicker treatment effects they get, the better, but in fact it is impossible, any therapy of disease might have quicker treatment effects might have slower quicker treatment effect in different patients, because there exist individual differences, so as vitiligo. Some patients see the treatment effects after one month treatment, some see the treatment effects need three months, some treatment times is different because of not choose a good treatment plan or no analyze the causes of the vitiligo. So the treatment effects closely related with the factors such as the onset sites, ages, the courses of disease, types of disease, weather regular of the treatment, the cooperation degree of the patients and so on.

Except the infants, the children and teenagers have better treatment effects than middle aged or old aged ones, the facial vitiligo get better treatment effect than acoro vitiligo, the patients with shorter vitiligo courses will get better treatment effects than the patients with longer vitiligo courses, the localized vitiligo patients will get better treatment effects than other types vitiligo.

Moreover, I want to tell vitiligo patients the most advance vitiligo treatment is not necessary suit you, you should find a most suitable vitiligo treatment for yourself.

There are some diet attentions for you at the same time such as eat less fatty, spicy foods, eat more vegetables, abstain cigarettes and wines, enhance spots exercise, wear loose clothes, avoid external injuries, do not over exposure in the intense sunlight at summer.

Eat more foods rich in tyrosinase, mineral substances and some foods with hard shells such as pork, chicken, black sesame, eggs, almond jelly, black fungus, black soya bands, eggplants, kelp, peanuts and so on.


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