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How to Cure Leucoderma

how to cure leucodermaLeucoderma is a chronic and stubborn skin disease, moreover it’s pathogenesis is complex, different vitiligo patients have different reactions to same after use same medicine to treat their vitiligo. Some patients can achieve very good treatment effects but others can not even have no treatment effects. So there are many medical institutions in many parts of the world try to find treatments and medicines have good treatment effects to all the vitiligo patients. In fact there are so many medicines and treatments for leucoderma also proved in other aspects that there are no specific drug for vitiligo, so many treatments with a tentative. In this article, I want to summarize the treatments both in home and abroad.(1)Purely use western medicines to treat leucoderma.

(2) Pure apply traditional Chinese medicine to treat leucoderma.

(3) Combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine.

(4) Combine internal and external use medicines to treat leucoderma.

(5) Use surgery to treat leucoderma.

(6) Phototherapy and photochemeotherapy and so on.

From the treatment effects aspect, combine the traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat leucoderma, combine topical therapy with holistic therapy to treat leucoderma will achieve best treatment effects. What worth to mention is UM-D multidimensional systemic treatment, it combines traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, also contains some large scale medical instruments, water therapy, internal and external use patent Chinese medicines, western medicines, phototherapy like silicon light, carbon light, 308 excimer laser, electroacupuncture, Chinese medicine bath, Chinese medicine fumigation and so on, we will make a treatment plan for every vitiligo patients, for some small scale leucoderma, we often treat mainly with external treatment with mild traditional Chinese medicines to treat their vitiligo, this treatment have no side effects while for some large scale vitiligo such as generalized vitiligo or vitiligo expand in very short time, we will combine internal and external use medicine both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine along with some large scale medical instruments to treat to control their vitiligo condition in very short time.

The pathogens of leucoderma is very complex, it also exist the difference in types and sites, the inducements of vitiligo contains life habits, mental pressures, genetic factors, external injuries and so on. Different patients with different inducement, so vitiligo patients should choose a systemic treatment plan according to their own condition, do not hurry to treat their vitiligo and first analyze their own vitiligo condition. There are also some vitiligo patients have vitiligo because of mental pressures, for these leucoderma patients, they need to receive psychological counseling.

These are the treatments common used to treat vitiligo, the experts in Beijing CASU Vitiligo Hospital suggest the vitiligo patients should choose the systemic treatment to treat their vitiligo, once found their vitiligo, they should go to a specialized vitiligo hospital to treat their vitiligo instantly.


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