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Vitamins to Take for Vitiligo

vitamins for vitiligo patientsIt is common every one feel afraid to vitiligo, the onset of vitiligo brought certain damage to the mental and physical health of vitiligo patients, nowadays it is not rare to see people with vitiligo in our daily life, so we must pay attention to it, so what vitamins vitiligo patients should supply? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about it to you for your reference.

Vitiligo is a common pigmentation skin disease, this disease have figure of local or generalized pigment loss can form vitiligo on the skin, it is a acquired, localized or generalized pigment loss disease, it is a skin disease seriously damage the appearance of the patients, the young people occupied the most among the age groups who get this disease, this disease can spread to any part of the skin, except the pigment loss, decrease and make the part of the skin become white, the mucosal parts like mouth, lips, labia, glans and other parts also can occur pigment loss and become white, especially those areas exposed in the intense sunlight and injured areas because of friction.

Vitiligo patients should avoid eating or eating less foods rich in vitamin C, the vitamin C can decrease the serum copper or serum copper oxidase content. The vitamin C can decrease the activity of tyrosinase, is adverse to the formation of melanin pigment so it is not good for the recovery of vitiligo patients. So vitiligo patients should avoid taking medicines contains vitamin C, eat less fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as green chilies, tomatoes, citrus, grapefruits, lemons, hawthorns, wild jujubes and so on.

What vitamins vitiligo patients should supply?

1. Zinc: there are many foods rich in zinc such as gluten, the crunchy rice candy, sesame candy, sugar in the mouths, flavorings and wheat bran. Good sources of zinc are watermelon sees, scented tea, peanut sauce, peanut. The general source of zinc are pea cake, mushrooms, tremella fuciformis, black rices, green tea, black tea, beans, lily flowers, whole wheat products such as wheat, barley, oatmeal and so on.

2. Iron: the foods rich in iron are coco powder, potatoes, high milled rice, soy bean powder, sowens, wheat and soybean flour mixture. The good sources of iron are nuts. The general sources are asparagus, beans, strengthen bread, kidney beans, peanuts, peas, spinach and so on.

3. Copper: the foods rich in copper are black tea, brick tea, dried mushrooms,sunflower seeds,hazelnuts, sesame paste, watermelon seeds, green tea, black pepper, coco, livers and so on. The good sources of copper are fresh mushrooms, green beans, broad beans, black sesame, fennel, soybeans and soybean products, pine nuts, mung beans, peanuts, green soybeans, potato powder, laver, beancurd tofu, lotus seeds, mushrooms, gluten, peas, oatmeal, chestnuts, star anise, nuts, haw pieces, wheat germs. The general sources of copper are mung bean cakes, crunchy rice candies, bananas, breads, butters, peanut pastes, peanuts and so on.

4. Calcium: the foods rich in calcium are yellow corns, sesame pastes, broad beans, wheat, cheese, soybean powder. The good sources of calcium are scented tea, whole egg powder, fennel, laver, green leaf vegetables, celery, black tea, green tea, apricots, figs, soybean milk, ice creams and so on. The general sources of calcium are edible fungus, peanuts, pickles, leek, green soybeans and beans, white bean curd silk, fermented bean curd, cabbages, yogurts, breads, apricots, peaches, olives, grapes, spinach, bean sprouts and so on.

Vitiligo have certain damage to the health of the patients, so they need pay attention to this disease, go to the normal hospital to diagnose and treat their vitiligo as earlier as possible to avoid delay their vitiligo condition, from this article, I think vitiligo patients how to supply the vitamins from the diet, If you have any questions about vitiligo, welcome to contact with our online doctor.


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