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Systematical Vitiligo Treatments

systematical vitiligo treatmentsVitiligo is a common skin disease with complex illness conditions, the treatment need longer time. The features of vitiligo are genetic, recidivity, diffusion property and so on. The symptoms of vitiligo are white spots on the skin, it is easily appear in the exposed ears, it will brought much influence to the daily life of vitiligo patients. So vitiligo patients should found earlier and treat earlier, the earlier treat their vitiligo, their cure chance are higher. What treatments they should adopt? After the clinical experience, we found the systematical vitiligo treatment have better treatment effects than the single treatment. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of systematical vitiligo treatments combine western medicines and traditional Chinese medicines to treat vitiligo.

1. Western medicine treatment. Western medicine treatment is the main measure the vitiligo patients will take, it also the treatment with the highest cure rate. The western medicine mainly through surgery and physiotherapy treatment. Vitiligo patients can treat their vitiligo via surgery from the inside of their skin. This treatment mainly includes skin grafting surgery and melanin pigment planting surgery, the advantages of this treatment is it have quick treatment effects. The physiotherapy treatment suit for patients with light illness condition, the cure rate is high.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine to treatment vitiligo. The traditional Chinese medicine has a long history. The common way of traditional Chinese medicine is syndrome differentiation treatment. Generally speaking, the vitiligo patients their physics are different, their causes are different, so the treatment also should different. The traditional Chinese medicine adopt the treatment of supply spleen and nursing stomach, activating blood circulation and regulating the qi, nurturing the liver and kidney, get rid of the wind and remove the dampness to syndrome differentiation to treat vitiligo.

3. Diet assisted treatment. Except to receive the treatment in hospital, vitiligo patients also can devote time and energy in the diet therapy to assist their vitiligo treatment. They can eat more black color foods such as edible fungus, black rice, black sesame and so on. Vitamins are very good for some diseases, but in the treatment of vitiligo course, vitiligo patients should avoid or eat less fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. They also can eat more foods rich in copper, because the content of copper ion increased is good for the melanin pigment generation.

4. Mental therapy. Mental state stability is very important for vitiligo treatment. Vitiligo patients should keep good mental stage, do not have too much mental burden. They can distract their attentions to other things, cultivate their hobbies and interests.

5. Protect their skin to avoid external injuries. Avoid use too much strength when they taking a bath. Avoid directly contact with the products contains phenol and phenol compounds such as rubber gloves, rubber shoe strings and so on. Avoid long time exposed to the intense sunlight and so on.

All these treatments combine together are the systematical treatment of vitiligo, the experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital advice the vitiligo patients should adopt systematical treatment to treat their vitiligo.


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