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The Nursing Plans for Facial vitiligo patients Before and After the Surgery

nursing plans for facial vitiligo patients before and after the surgeryVitiligo is a common skin disease, it have great damage to the skin of vitiligo patients, once nursing carelessly will easy to cause the repeated onset of it and will increase the difficulty to treat it, so the daily nursing is very important. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of the nursing plans for patients with vitiligo on face after the surgery.

There are many factors can cause vitiligo, different treatments should adopted to treat it according to the causes and types of vitiligo. The first step to treat vitiligo is to take a comprehensive diagnosis to find out the true causes of vitiligo and then make treatment plan for it. Some vitiligo patients treated a long time but did not get good treatment effects will choose the surgery to treat their vitiligo, many people care about the nursing plans of vitiligo before and after the surgery, take it easy, the nursing plans for the patients with vitiligo on face I will mentioned in the follow of the article.

1. Nursing plans for facial vitiligo patients before the surgery.

Nursing cares before the surgery are critical to vitiligo patients. Vitiligo is a relatively stubborn skin disease, long time treated and can not get good treatment effects will brought many mental problems for many vitiligo patients. Vitiligo patients desperately want to find a cure, they are anxious, afraid, worry, sad, they have worry, suspect, impatient about the surgery is understandable, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the theory, ways, attentions before and after the surgery to make the patients trust the doctor and make the surgery get best treatment effects.

2. Nursing plan for facial vitiligo patients after the surgery.

Nursing plan for patients with vitiligo after the surgery have great treatment effects to treat their vitiligo. After the surgery, the patients have no need to stay in hospital, it will not influence their daily life, it not only can relieve their economic and mental burden, there are some attentions for vitiligo patients after the surgery.

3. Carefully choose external use medicines.

External use medicines are the most common way to treat vitiligo, many vitiligo patients their disease worsen because of improperly use external medicines. So they need to carefully choose external use medicines, the experts of Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital suggests vitiligo patients should try to choose some Chinese medicines or Chinese patient medicines with mild medicine properties.

4. Mental therapy.

Psychological counseling is the common way to treat vitiligo, vitiligo not only influence the appearance of their skin, it also influence their mental state, vitiligo patients should have a right attitude to face their vitiligo, cooperate with their medical people to insist their treatment do not give up in the middle of the treatment.


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