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Some Suggestions for Vitiligo Patients

some suggestions for vitiligo patientsVitiligo patients should pay more attention to their life habits in their daily life. Vitiligo although is a skin disease but also as mental disease, the vitiligo have no self conscious feeling, the vitiligo patients will not feel itch and pain, but it will greatly blow the confidence of vitiligo. Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, the onset of vitiligo is very easy but to cure it is very difficult, and the vitiligo will expand with the disease develop, so vitiligo patients need to pay attention to in many aspects in their life.

What vitiligo patients should pay attention to in their daily life.

The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital suggests there are many inducements of vitiligo, first vitiligo patients should avoid the damage of environment and foods contamination to the people. Since this is the industry development country, the ecological environment was destroyed in different degree, many inorganic medical substances have great influence to us, so it is necessary to take some effective measures to prevent it, decrease the damage of some harmful substances.

The development of science and technology also cause much contamination. Vitiligo patients should avoid contacting with harmful substances, try to avoid contacting with chemical raw materials, paintings and so on. Such as the newly decorated house should empty more than three months than move in to live. When you contact with chemical materials, you need to take preventive measures, carefully when using the chemical substances.

Decrease the harmful substances enter to your stomach. The vegetables and fruits before eat should rinsed several times with clear water to decrease the harmful pesticide residues. The children eat fruits should peeled. Do not eat heavy metal exceed the standard foods such the mercury and lead exceed the standard in the metal salts.

Decrease the harmful substances enter into the respiratory tract, do not do intense exercise along the road or places with much smock and dust such as running, jogging and so on.

Decrease the irradiation of ultraviolet ray. Take sun protection measures if you have to long term exposed in the intense sunlight such as traveling, sunbath you can apply some sunscreen creams to prevent sunshine. There are many patients after traveling and swimming have vitiligo.

The onset of vitiligo closely related with personal physical qualities, enhance personal nutrition, keep optimistic mind is good for the treatment of vitiligo. The onset of vitiligo caused largely because of mental pressure, uneven tempers and so on. The onset of teenage vitiligo patients occupied 30%. So vitiligo patients should learn to properly loose their mood. There are also the traditional Chinese medicine theory, the causes of vitiligo because of the organs of the body lost the normal functions, their immunity is low. So vitiligo patients should enhance exercise and nutrition, have a good body to anti the vitiligo.

There are many people have foods bias, they should correct this negative diet habits, keep a good life habits and properly diet is good for the treatment of vitiligo. Our body needs many trace elements, these trace elements obtained mainly from the foods we eat everyday. If long time disrupt the normal diet rule will cause the digestive function decreased and cause the appetite of the patients lost, even cause the digestive diseases and the nutrient intake is not enough. The lack of zinc and copper will cause the vitiligo, so foods bias is the one of the important factors cause the vitiligo, so the vitiligo patients must avoid this point.


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