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The Principles of Treating Vitiligo

principles of treating vitiligoVitiligo easy to occur in crease and exposed area, because the tyrosinase system in the melanocyte between the boundary of localized epidermis and dermis damaged, make the melanin generation occurred obstacles and have depigmentation patches in the skin, it can happen in every age groups but the teenage group is the most common one to suffer this disease. Vitiligo is easy to diagnose but hard to treat, it will influence the appearance of the patients. In the treatment process, vitiligo patients should avoid take medicines blindly, keep in mind the three principles of treating vitiligo is very good for the recovery of vitiligo, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about this.

1. Timely diagnose the vitiligo.

Some vitiligo patients blindly treat their vitiligo do not do a comprehensively diagnosis and distinguish the types of vitiligo even do not find out the causes of their vitiligo, to only known that they have vitiligo and take medicines blindly, that cause many vitiligo patients long term take medicines and can not cure their vitiligo, some patients have no treatment effects, have drug assistance, their vitiligo spread in large scale, they even have drug allergic and other negative effects and finally lost the best treatment time.

2. Vitiligo patients should receive systematical treatment.

Many vitiligo patients do not find experts to systematical treat their vitiligo after they have vitiligo, instead, they find some irregular medicines, so called folk remedies, quacks and so on to treat their vitiligo, if one medicine have no treatment effects, they change another medicine, continues to treat and finally cause misdiagnosis, mistreatment. Some vitiligo patients their vitiligo is not dot shape vitiligo, their vitiligo is not stable stage they blindly go on skin grafting surgery, after the surgery, their vitiligo expand in large scale, some patients have vitiligo because of injuries also go on skin grafting surgery, the scar skin also do the skin grafting surgery and finally cause their face have plenty of scars after the surgery.

3. Avoid blindly use medicines.

Many patients take medicines without under the physicians instruction, they on read the instructions, do not distinguish types, do not distinguish the causes to take medicines if it is used to treat vitiligo, some vitiligo patients desperately want to treat their vitiligo and blindly find doctors to treat their vitiligo. Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease caused by the pigment loss, it can not cured by one medicine, the vitiligo treatment needed to treat after a systematical diagnosis and then systematical treat their vitiligo.


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