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The Best Treatment for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo treatmentsVitiligo is a chronic stubborn disease once found is almost a incurable disease in 10 years ago, many vitiligo patients in that time have no choice but live with vitiligo, so many vitiligo patients lost their confidence to the life. More than 93% vitiligo patients holds that the onset of vitiligo directly influence their work and life. In fact, vitiligo is a very common skin disease very easy to diagnose. It occur because of the small areas or large areas pigment loss cause the white spots on the skin, very influence the patient’s appearance.

There are many treatments to treat vitiligo in clinically, but that does not means that vitiligo patients can abruptly choose treatments by themselves. The experts suggests vitiligo patients should go to a specialized vitiligo hospital to diagnose their skin disease once they found their skin have abnormal phenomenon to make sure weather they have vitiligo or not to avoid misdiagnose. There are about 0.4% patients misunderstood they have vitiligo every year, they blindly use some orally and topical application creams to treat their skin disease and finally cause huge damage to their skin.

We all known there are 6 features about vitiligo, the ages of the vitiligo onset almost have no limits, but if the vitiligo onset age is relatively young, more than 30% vitiligo patients are easier to treat, the patients with vitiligo less than a year is also relatively easier to treat, once the vitiligo patients passed 65 years old, it will become very hard to treat. The earlier found earlier treat is a important principle to treat vitiligo. Most of the patients treat their vitiligo at the early stage of their vitiligo get good treatment effects after 3.5 months treatment. So generally speaking 3.5 months as a treatment course, if they receive the treatment, the patients need to judge the treatment results after 2 weeks.

There are three dependable treatments for vitiligo patients.

1. Is skin grafting surgery.

Vitiligo patients can choose skin grafting surgery to treat their vitiligo, there are not many vitiligo patients choose surgery to treat their vitiligo, is below 60%. They choose surgery to treat their vitiligo often receive less treatment effects and need longer time to recover. This kind of patients often on the condition that they can not get treatment effects after the physical and medication treatments. The treatment is not difficult, it often use their own normal skin to graft in their vitiligo.

2. Depigmentation treatment.

Depigmentation treatment not only limited to treat vitiligo, but this treatment used by most of the people, more than 93% vitiligo patients once heard that treatment they are willing to have a try. This kind of treatment apply to those patients with large scale vitiligo on their skin, even more than 51% of their skin have vitiligo in different degrees, thy can choose to use hydroquinone single benzene ether cream with the concentration from 3.05% to 20.5% to apply to the vitiligo areas.

3. Orally take immune modulator.

Most of the vitiligo patients will concurrent with other diseases such as diabetes, mental disease and so on. The vitiligo patients can orally take some immune modulator to improve their immunity. But this treatment have not much effects.

The best treatment for vitiligo patients is to combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat vitiligo, it proved by many years clinical practice that this is the best way to treat vitiligo.


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