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Vitiligo Color Restoration Process

vitiligo pigment restoration processHow to restore the color vitiligo? This is the question most concerned by every vitiligo patients, so I wrote before the vitiligo brought much influence to the lives of vitiligo patients, many vitiligo patients desperately want to find a treatment that can restore the color of their vitiligo in a short time, but many vitiligo patients do not known the vitiligo color restoration process, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of the process of vitiligo color restoration for your reference.

The vitiligo color restoration depends on the melanocyte in the hair follicle, the melanocyte in the hair follicle have two different activities: one kind is the active melanocyte in the hair matrix and punnel part of hair follicle in the growth period. The other kind of is the incompetence or have no pigment melanocyte in the hair root sheath outside of hair follicle. The vitiligo skin lesion is the there are almost have no active melanocyte in the white spots, so it can not synthesize the melanin pigment. The regenerate of pigment is the he incompetence or have no pigment melanocyte in the hair root sheath outside of hair follicle has been activated, divided, regenerated and move along the hair follicle bottom-up to the epidermis and then cross running to the depigmental areas and finally appear the melanin pigment regenerated phenomenon and the white spots then restore the color. The research shown that the hair root sheath outside of the hair follicle exist many resting state melanocyte have no function temperately, if it activated by some certain factors, it will provide a melanocyte reservoir for the regeneration of white spots on the skin.

This phenomenon can explain why the mouth, lips, back of the finger end, hand palms these areas have no hair follicle structure are very hard to restore the color. These areas also lack of the melanocyte reservoir. Moreover, the normal melanocyte around the vitiligo move toward to the vitiligo areas is also one of the important factors to restore the skin color of vitiligo. The moving sliding melanocyte to reach to the epidermis of vitiligo and finally resident in the basal layer of the epidermis make into the epidermis melanin pigment unit together with malpighian cell to maintain the normal color of the skin. This is the vitiligo color restoration process.

To restore the color of vitiligo, vitiligo patients should eat more black color foods such as black rice, black sesame, black soya beans and so on, wish every vitiligo patients have a speedy recovery.


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