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Preventive Vitiligo Treatment in Winter

winter sports for vitiligo patientsFind health from the proverbs is not a empty talk, the critical thing is weather you can figure it out and practice it out, in the thousands years of traditional culture of China, there are many proverbs about the exercise is not only the crystallization of language wisdom itself but also the profound summary of true life. In this article, I’d like to write this article surround this topic that is preventive vitiligo treatment in winter, wish every vitiligo patients can get some thing from my article.

The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital in China point out that the proverb do exercise in the coldest time in winter is not only the precious fitness experience concluded by the ancient laboring people, properly do exercise in winter can effectively enhance the body’s resistance ability. There are proverb that a movement in winter can decrease a disease attack, a lazy in the winter, one extra bowl of Chinese medicine you will drink.

Do exercise in winter need according to where you located and personal conditions, for the vitiligo patients, do exercise in winter can effectively increase their immune system, low immunity is one of the factor can cause vitiligo, for the middle age or old age vitiligo patients or some vitiligo patients with chronic disease, it is not good for them do outdoor exercise, they can take some indoor exercise such as keep fit massage, practice Qigong, health care work, play Tai Chi on the balcony. The vitiligo patients with good health condition can do some outdoor exercise such as long-distance run, heel and toe walking race, practice martial art, skating, skiing, do body building, play a ball game, winter outdoor swimming and so on. Teenage and children vitiligo patients can choose rope skipping, kicking shuttlecock, rubber band skipping, play games and so on. In the winter vitiligo patients also can do some outdoor exercise according to their own hobbies on the precondition to make sure their own safety.

Moreover, do exercise in the winter can temple one’s willpower and increase their resistance to the cold. Winter outdoor swimming is a sport combine air bath, sun bath, cold water bath together ,when their skin irritated by the cold air, cold water, their skin will shrink sharply and later will expand, their skin will become red. Do not look down upon this phenomenon, this is a very good blood vessel exercise, it have great effect to improve and strengthen their blood vessel feasibility and their blood circulation, it is very good to protect their cardiovascular health and improve their central nerve system regulate function to the temperature and resistant ability to the cold, it also can strengthen their hematopoietic function, prevent anemia, increase their body resistant ability to the disease. Vitiligo patients also can choose proper exercise according to their health condition.

For the outdoor swimming exercise, the most important is to pay attention to self health care, do outdoor exercise in the winter morning, it is better after the sunrise; do not exercise in the high wind, rains, snow and fog when the cold wave transit. The middle aged, old aged, children had better no running, playing in the road covered with ice and snow to avoid fall off or fractures. Before the exercise, you should do a good job in preparation, active your limbs to prevent your mussel, tendon injuries or joins sprain. Do not remove your cloths when you start exercise, after you warmed ulp than get rid of your thick coat, when you finished the exercise, you need to wear your coat timely, if your underwear sweating, you need to change your cloths to prevent cold. After you do outdoor exercise, you need to wear hat, gloves and earmuff to prevent frostbites. But for vitiligo patients, they need to do a good job in winter skin protecting.

In the cold winter, most of the people like to lie in the warm blanket to sleep late, in face this habit is a bad on, especially for those people with chronic disease, winter is the rare good chance of a year to do exercise, so enhance physical exercise is the fundamental measure for vitiligo patients to prevent disease.


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