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The Cause and Treatment of White Spots on Skin

the causes and treatment of white spots on skinThe melanin pigment apoptosis and decrease will cause the white spots on the skin, the decrease and apoptosis of vitiligo caused by the environment of melanin pigment destroyed, what factors can cause the destroy of melanin pigment? In this article ,I’d like to introduce the causes and treatment of white spots on skin for your reference.

Vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, once it onset it need a lot of time and money to treat it, so we need try our best to found it earlier and stop the spread of this disease.

What might causes vitiligo? There are several factors can cause vitiligo, it include genetic factor, immune system disorder, endocrine disorder, internal and external injuries and so on.

How many clinical vitiligo treatments?

1. Medication treatment. The common medication treatments in clinically are divided into two kinds, on is psoralen and ultraviolet ray combine together, after using psoralen and then use long wave ultraviolet ray or sunlight irradiate the white spots. The other kind is the corticosteroid medicines, this kind of medicine often apply to the vitiligo with smaller size.

2. Laser treat vitiligo. Laser have obvious photothermy effects, the energy is concentrate, the penetrating effect is very strong, it can promote the metabolism and strengthen the activity of the cells, improve local tissue nutrition, speed up the healing process of vitiligo.

3. Surgery treatment. The surgery treatment is mainly include epidermal grafting and melanin pigment planting surgery, these two kind of vitiligo treatments have faster treatment effects combine the advantages of two vitiligo treatments, it can control the patient’s condition earlier but on the condition of the patients at the stable stage.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo can traced in ancient time, Chinese medicine have special insight in the vitiligo treatment. Generally speaking, vitiligo patients have individual difference, the pathogens of vitiligo are different, so the vitiligo treatment also should different. Traditional Chinese medicine adopt several treatments to dialectical treat vitiligo. These treatments includes tonify the spleen and stomach, activating the blood circulation and regulating the qi, nursing the liver and kidney, get rid of wind and remove the dampness and so on.


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