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The Harms and Nursing Cares of Vitiligo

vitiligo harms and nursing caresNo matter what kind of disease have certain damage to our body, but first we must know about the harms of the disease, vitiligo is a common skin disease in our life, so what the damages of vitiligo to our life and how to nursing care vitiligo in daily life? Now I’d like to make a brief introduction of this to you.

The specific harms of vitiligo to our body?

1. The harm of vitiligo one is it will influence their daily life. Vitiligo on the exposed skin will damage their appearance, the incidence of skin cancer of vitiligo patients is much higher than normal people, it also will influence the patient’s appearance and easy for them to suffer from the discrimination from others. Although it have no self conscious feeling, the onset sites is not certain, but if it occurred on exposed area, it no only have huge influence to their study, job, marriage, family and social contact. If the vitiligo not treated timely and properly it will easy to cause complications such as pernicious anemia, malignant tumor, alopecia areata, cataract, bronchial asthma, psoriasis and so on, these disease is very hard to treat in the treatment course and will cause huge damage to the patients health, so vitiligo patients must avoid these complications. So vitiligo patients need to go to a normal specialized vitiligo hospital to comprehensively diagnose their vitiligo.

2. The harm of vitiligo two is it will seriously damage the patient’s appearance. Although the vitiligo is more and more common in our daily life, but once the symptoms of vitiligo spread to the exposed area, it not only influence the image of the patient, but also will influence their future life and work even will cause them form an unsociable and eccentric personality, there are psychological research proved that vitiligo patients have mental problems in certain degree, it will make them very easy to suffer from the discrimination and misunderstandings from others, they will suffer from the unfair treatment in the work, study, social contact, marriage choose, these problems will cause the vitiligo patients have mental problems, and the mental problems will in turn worsen the vitiligo and even will cause the vitiligo explosion spread.

3. Damage to their health. Vitiligo not only will damage their appearance, it have lesion in the skin, it also will cause the pigment cell apoptosis, make their skin very sensitive to the sunlight and ultraviolet ray, once over exposed to the sunlight over irradiated by the ultraviolet ray will make the patients have erythema and blister phenomenon and make the patients have autologus pain. So the patients resistance ability to the ultraviolet ray is very poor, they are easy suffer from diseases after damaged by the ultraviolet ray. So the cancer incidence rate of vitiligo patients is much higher than normal people.

Daily nursing care of vitiligo patients.

Nursing care 1: vitiligo is a skin disease, the onset of this disease is closely related to the immune system of the body, so we must take care of our skin health, avoid over exposure to the sunlight, avoid scratches, crushes, injured after being hit by something, scalds, cuts, burns and so on. In their daily life, vitiligo patients should enhance physical exercise to improve their immunity ability.

Daily nursing care 2: the onset of vitiligo is related with the closely contact with some substances, so vitiligo patients should make sure their skin will not infected by those things, in their daily life they need to avoid the closely contact with the chemical materials, salts, heavy metals, paintings and so on, once they can not avoid to contact with those things, they need to take effective and preventive measures to make sure their health and safety.


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