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8 Factors Make Vitiligo Hard to Treat

10 factors cause vitiligoThe vitiligo treatment standard is improving in recent years, it absorbed the latest internal technology especially the concept of wholism in diagnosis and treating with traditional Chinese medicine, the cure rate of vitiligo is higher than before. The vitiligo patients feared about the discrimination from others and worried much, so they desperately need a effective vitiligo treatment. The critical for the treatment of vitiligo is combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat vitiligo. After refer to the clinical data, we found there are 10 factors cause the vitiligo hard to treat.

1. The vitiligo patients over anxious and depressed, they lose their heart to treat their disease or too pessimistic.

They need mental counseling or take medicines according to their symptoms.

2. Too much diet taboos. Generally speaking, there are no need for patients to avoid food vitamin C such as tomatoes, beef and mutton. If they are depressed or malnutrition, they can not timely get rid of the oxydates in their body.

3. The patients with other diseases or with poor physical condition such as have thyroid disease, diabetes, thin, insomnia, severe gastritis, severe allergies and so on need systematical arrange their treatment plan.

4. Some vitiligo patients take too much medicines during their treatment process, their body resistant to medicine.

5. Intake too much foods and medicines increase immunity will cause the vitiligo expand.

6. Vitiligo patients with halo nevus. After remove halo nevus, their vitiligo condition improved obviously.

7. Unilateral vitiligo, now we see more and more unilateral vitiligo. This kind of vitiligo is hard to treat both in home and abroad, generally speaking adopt the bilateral vitiligo treatment to treat unilateral vitiligo is hard to take effect.

8. There are a few vitiligo patients are not sensitive to treatment.


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