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Systematical Treatment for Vitiligo

systematical vitiligo treatmentFor the vitiligo treatment, many patients will doubt weather it is good to use traditional Chinese medicine or to use western medicine. Generally speaking, adopt traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo will take longer time to see treatment effects but it will more safer but for those vitiligo patients can not wait to treat their vitiligo, it is a long time to wait. As for western medicine although have quick treatment effects but most medicines adopted are hormone medicines, it is very easy to relapse and with great side effects. There are obvious disadvantage both in traditional Chinese medicines and western medicines, so Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital combine the traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to treat vitiligo, it combine the advantages of western medicine and Chinese medicine not only have quick treatment effects and also have without side effects.

The medicines used to treat vitiligo weather especially Chinese medicine in the market are large dosage drugs combines the effects of promoting blood circulation and photo sensitive effect, because of lack the fundamental knowledge of vitiligo, although at the beginning have some treatment effects but the final treatment effects is relatively poorer. So many doctors thought fo hormone, immune inhibitors, they add hormones or immune inhibitor in the so called pure Chinese medicine, this way is without doubt is improper.

Western medicines to treat vitiligo mainly use hormones and immune inhibitor, in the beginning of the treatment, it have some effects because the hormone and immune inhibitor can decrease the progress of autoimmunity. But hormone and immune inhibitor can no solve the pathogenesis of vitiligo from the root, in the contrary it will worsen the vitiligo because of these medicine cause their immune system disturbed.

The vitiligo patients treated by the hormone and immune inhibitor all known that after taken those medicines once stopped, it not need a very long time, their vitiligo will repeated again and even worsen. Moreover, hormone and immune inhibitor have not less than thousands of lethal side effects, so we strongly against blindly use hormones or inhibitors to treat vitiligo.

So the vitiligo patients must insist their treatment, if they want to get rid of their vitiligo, they need to choose proper treatments, adopt systematical treatments, what is called systematical treatment? Is combined many treatments together, combine the medication treatment and non medication treatment together, internal treatment and external treatment together, medical treatment and nursing care together, scientifically and properly choose the way to treat their vitiligo, insist in comprehensive, standardized treatment principle, most of the vitiligo can be cured. This point have no doubt.


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