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Home Health Care for Vitiligo Patient

home health care for vitiligo patientsMany vitiligo patients do not know how to protect themselves when they stay at home. There are some points they should pay attention to such as what kind of clothes is suitable for them and some attentions in the sport process. So in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about it to you for your reference.

Often friction, cloth pressure, scratching and so on can force the nerve structure function have some changes, increase the nerve mediate synthesis, consume too much tyrosine which decrease the synthesis of melanin pigment and finally induce vitiligo. Repeatedly friction, press, scratch and so on make the circulation in that area was inhibit, make the nutrient composition can not effectively transferred to all parts of the skin, the melanin pigment can not nourished normally and influence it growth, development and metabolism, if it keep a long time, the melanin pigment will loss and make the skin whiten, finally induce vitiligo.

So vitiligo patients should wear soft, loose clothes, decrease the friction between the cloth and skin, especially in the joints, chest, back, neck and other often contact with the cloth.

Enhance physical exercise is also important for vitiligo patients, it can improve their autoimmune system, improve their resistance ability to the disease, there are many outdoor activities suitable for vitiligo patients such as automobile, climbing the mountains, swimming and so on, all in all, the outdoor activities can not too intensive to avoid external injuries, they need pay attention to rest, proper exercise is good for the treatment of vitiligo patient.

We all known vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease easy to diagnose and hard to cure, the treatment course of vitiligo is relatively longer. So vitiligo patients should pay attention to do exercise in the treatment process to get the twice result with only half effort. Jogging in our life is also called “the king of aerobic metabolism exercise”so do more jogging in their daily life is good to their health. So jogging is also a sport suit for vitiligo patients, it good to improve their immunity. There are several ways in the jogging.

1. Jogging with slow speed and relax yourself: weather faster or slower is depends on their personal physical condition, the middle ages, elderly or weakness people generally faster they they walk, they should not breathless. When jogging, they should light-footed, relax their whole muscle, their arms should naturally move. It is better for them to jogging 20 to 30 minutes per day, it also can adjust according to their own physical condition.

2. Running on spot: running on spot is a running way not limited by climate, equipment, landscape. The fist learn start with jogging posture is better, start with 50 to 100 double step, after 4 months to 6 months exercise, they can combine their won physical condition and exercise effects increase their exercise amount, they can increase to 500 to 800 double steps. When running on spot they can control the amount of their exercise by increase the movement difficulty such as high leg lift jogging and so on all can increase the movement difficulty, they should exercise 40 minutes per day.

3. Repeat runs: repeat runs is treat a certain distance as a section, repeated runs for many times, the section can longer or shorter, the shorter one is about 100 to 400 miters, the longer one is about 1000 to 2000 miters, it depends on their own personal conditions. The repeat runs starter should adopt shorter distance section, the times of repeat runs also should not to many, generally speaking, 100 miters repeated runs for about 10 times, 200 miters repeated runs for about 5 times is enough, it all depends on personal condition.

4. Timed run: timed run is not a kind of running do not limit the speed and distance, it limited the time you need to run. There are another one limit the time and distance such as run 800 meters in 6 minutes, with the exercise level increased, the running speed is also can speed up. This kind of running way is good to improve the perseverance and resistance of the elderly and weakness. The elderly vitiligo patients can insist a period of time timed runs everyday, it is good to improve their immunity.

5. Variable speed running: variable speed running is a jogging with a period time with faster speed, a period of time with slower speed, running with slower speed itself is the recovery period between the two faster running period, the distance and number of faster running should ruled, in that circle, running about 40 minutes everyday is enough.


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