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The Vitiligo Treatment and Patient’s Mental State

health cares and mental state of vitilig patientMany people saw the vitiligo patients around them will pay special attention to it and ask what disease it belongs to and what caused this disease? Dose vitiligo contagious or not? Vitiligo patients can marry someone? These questions comes from the people around them make the vitiligo patients undertake huge mental pressure. The pressure in turn cause the patients with unstable state and decrease their immunity, all these forms a pernicious circle. So if vitiligo patients want treat their vitiligo, it is very important to pay attention to their mental is not engaged in superstition to talk about mental state. Every one might experienced this state, we you angry, you might feel your stomach ache and dizzy. All these negative emotions will influence the endocrine. These are all truly exist conditions. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that vitiligo caused by the negative emotions cause internal injuries, make the liver qi stagnated, the qi circulated poor, and the wind evil take advantage of it and enter their skin, make the blood and qi circulation poor and finally cause the vitiligo. So vitiligo patients should pay attention to the health cares and prevention in their daily life.

Many vitiligo patients after have this disease will suffer from discrimination from others, and themselves do not good at solve these problems, so it is easy to make pressure for themselves.

Keep a good sleeping habits is critical to the vitiligo treatment. Biological clock require us keep our biological pace such as work, living, dietary and so on as the same with the natural movement rule, biological function at right time is the basis and promise of the healthy state of our mental and physical. The biological clock function in the wrong time is the main reason cause people die at young age, have disease or not aged well. But many teenagers just ignore it. In the holiday, they have no pressure and their mind at completely relax state, they watching TV, play computer games, playing, sleeping in the day time and playing in the night time, it disturbed the normal function of their biological clock and changed their brain rhythm, disordered their nerve endocrine, immune system and finally cause their vitiligo onset or spreading.

Suggest vitiligo patients take proper measures, strengthen their biological clock leisure consciousness, sleep early and wake up early, eat foods moderately, entertainment properly, balance their work and rest, balance their nutrients. Properly arrange their their lives in holiday, enhance physical exercise, keep a good mood state. Vitiligo patients should follow the doctor’s advice to take medicines, treat their vitiligo normally, avoid their disease condition fluctuate, only in this way can they get better treatment effects.

We often heard these words, rest more, eat less medicine and do a good job in health cares, patients need to have good rest, it is very important for vitiligo patients, generally speaking, the patients with shorter course and smaller area, their vitiligo will have treatment effects in a shorter time while vitiligo patients with large scale vitiligo, longer vitiligo course and improperly use hormones and immune inhibitors repeatedly, their vitiligo will hard to get treatment effects and will take longer time to treat their vitiligo. So vitiligo patients should pay attention to take a good rest.


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