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Treatment of Vitiligo With Chinese Medicine

traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligoMany vitiligo patients believe in Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo, Chinese medicine is the traditional medicine of China, there are advantages of traditional Chinese treatment compare with other treatments and it indeed have good treatment effects, so traditional Chinese medicine how to treat vitiligo? In this article, I’d like to make a detailed introduction of Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo.

There are several vitiligo treatment in Chinese medicine.

1. Use traditional Chinese medicines to regulating kidney to treat vitiligo.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that kidney restore the essence, the essence can activating the blood. If the essence can not activating blood, the skin will lose nutrition, and the skin will turn white, the color of this kind of vitiligo is pure white, it not treated for a long time, the hair on the vitiligo will turn white, this kind of vitiligo can adopt this treatment.

2. Strengthen spleen to treat vitiligo.

Long term clinical observation found part of vitiligo related with weakness of stomach and spleen. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the stomach and spleen digest nutrient. Stomach and spleen are important organs to generate qi and blood, if the stomach and spleen weak, there are no source to generate the blood and qi, the skin will loss nutrition and whiten. This kind of vitiligo need to adopt this treatment will have good treatment effects.

3. Chinese medicine to soothe the liver.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the people’s emotion dominated by the liver, depression liver-qi will disturb the circulation of qi and blood, cause the disorder of qi and blood and finally cause vitiligo. This kind of vitiligo always induced by the emotional irritation, the common sites of this kind of vitiligo are chest, side of limbs and so on, this kind of vitiligo should treated with this way.

4. Activating the blood circulation to remove blood stasis.

The qi and blood circulated in meridians, qi and blood can nutrient skin, if the blood stagnated in the meridians, the qi and blood circulation will destruct, the part of the skin will loss the qi and blood nutrient will cause vitiligo, this kind of vitiligo always distribute around the areas dominated by nerves. So this kind of vitiligo should treated in this way.

Chinese medicine pay attention to syndrome differentiation, the western medicine pay attention to cause differentiation, so the experts advocate combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, to treat both symptoms and causes, this kind of treatment have longer treatment course, need certain time to see the treatment effects, vitiligo patients must be patiently to do the treatment. Vitiligo patients also should avoid believing folk remedies to worsen their disease.


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