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Traditional Chinese Medicines and Vitiligo

traditional Chinese medicines and vitiligoVitiligo is a depigmentation skin disease, it main symptoms are the skin, mucosa and hairs become white because of the melanin pigment in it decreased or disappeared. The pathogenesis of vitiligo is still unclear, generally speaking, vitiligo influenced by many factors such as genetic factor, autoimmunity, nerve factor, lack of melanin pigment cell growth factor and so on. There are no ideal treatment for vitiligo in modern medical field, the traditional Chinese medicine called it as leucoderma, there are many medical books of past dynasties have many discusses about vitiligo, in recent years, traditional Chinese medicine have very good treatment effects to treat vitiligo and accumulated abundant experiences. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the traditional Chinese medicines and vitiligo.

The mechanism and pathogenesis of vitiligo is till remain uncleared in home and abroad. Most of the scholars holds that vitiligo is the interaction results of internal and external factors. The external factors are the wind, damp, hot and other evil invasion, the internal factors are the heart lung heat, weakness of the spleen and the stomach, deficiency of liver and kidney, stagnation of QI due to depression of the liver and internal organs disorder cause the skin qi and blood disorder, the stagnation of blood stasis, the skin and hair loss nutrition and finally induce vitiligo. There are records in the classic medical treatises about vitiligo such as the wind evil enter the skin make blood and qi disorder in their skin and finally cause vitiligo. There are also some medical treaties record that the symptoms of vitiligo it points out this disease start from the face to the neck, the color of the skin in that lesion become white, the shape is like white spots, have no conscious feeling, if it delayed for too long time, it will spread to whole the body, it caused by the wind evil enter the skin and cause the qi and blood disorder.

There are also some medical treaties record that vitiligo caused by the lung and Zang-organ heat, evil wind take advantage of it, the wind and hot combine together, it fluid into the nutrient and defensive place and stay in certain part of the skin and not disappeared. So all in all there are several sayings about vitiligo such as wind evil cause disease, the stagnation of Qi and blood, deficiency of liver and kidney and other theories. In vitiligo treatment, traditional Chinese medicine often adopt the treatment to regulate the qi and blood, dispelling wind and removing obstruction in the meridians, discharging liver and regulating qi, clear away heat and remove dampness, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, tonify the liver and kidney and so on.

There are several treatments in traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo, the wind and blood type vitiligo often mainly regulating their qi and blood, dispelling wind and remove obstruction in meridians.

The rheumatism invasion outside vitiligo. It mainly discharging the wind and remove the dampness, promoting the circulation of blood to remove the blood stasis.

For the syndrome of damp heat and wind dryness vitiligo, often mainly clear away the heat and remove the dampness in our body, dispelling wind and moistening the dryness.

Stagnation of qi due to depression of the liver. Often mainly discharging the live and regulating the Qi, promoting the circulation of blood and remove the obstruction in the meridians.

Deficiency of liver and kidney, treated mainly tonify the liver and kidney, remove the obstruction in the meridians and nutrient the Yin.

Blood stasis vitiligo treat mainly promoting the blood circulation to remove the blood stasis, removing the obstruction in meridians.

Deficiency of qi and blood vitiligo traditional Chinese medicine often mainly enrich the blood and replenish qi and nourish the blood.

Traditional Chinese medicine with mild medicine property, mainly extract from pure plant without side effects, it have good effects to treat vitiligo.


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