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Does Olive Oil can Treat Vitiligo

does olive oil can treat vitiligoWhat is olive oil? Olive oil have several thousands years history and was known as “liquid gold” “vegetable oil queen” “Mediterranean nectar” in western countries because it’s fantastic natural health care efficacy, cosmetic efficacy and ideal for cooking purposes. For the consumption of high-grade olive oil was made form first olive fruits or mature olive fruits through the cold press the physical process of extraction of natural fruit juice. Is the only edible woody plant oil cant eat in it’s natural state in the world. The origin of olive oil are along the Mediterranean countries. The olive cultivation history is thousands of years. There are someone statistic the olive oil present in the bible are over 200 times. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of weather olive oil can treat vitiligo.

1. The relationship between the olive oil and skin.

The olive oil rich in squalene and fatty acid are necessary to our body, it is easy to be absorbed by our body, it can effectively keep the feasibility and luster of our skin; the mono unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, K, A, D and other phenolic antioxidants remove wrinkles from our face, prevent our skin aging, it have the effects of protect our skin and hair, prevent hands and feet cracked, it is an edible cosmetic skin care product, moreover, use olive oil to smear on our skin to prevent ultraviolet ray and prevent skin cancer. So vitiligo patients can properly smear some olive oil on their skin in the summer to prevent too much ultraviolet to hurt their skin.

Among the many compositions in olive oil, the carotene and chlorophyl give olive oil kelly color, the chlorophyl have the metabolism function, it can promote the cell growth and speedy up the would heal. It also have the effects to beautify the appearance of our body, decrease the wrinkle production. The experiments shows that the antioxidants in olive oil can remove the free radical in our body, recover the healthy state of organs in our body, prevent brain aging and prolong life. So olive oil is good for vitiligo patients.

2. The beauty effect of olive oil to our skin.

(1). It can maintain beauty and keep young: after you wash your face, you can use olive oil repeated gently massage your face, then use towel or steam face device to apply in your face, it can remove the dirt can not seen in your pore, increase the feasibility and luster of your skin, get rid of fine wrinkles and decrease the splash or make the color of splash shallow. So olive oil is good for vitiligo patients.

(2). Four seasons skin care: wash the olive oil on your face, it is have good effects to keep your skin moisture and nutrient your skin, get rid of or delay the appearance of wrinkles on your face, it can decrease the aging degree of your skin. Smear olive oil in summer can prevent the ultraviolet ray to hurt our skin, avoid get sunburn, blistering and peeling. Use olive oil to smear your face, lips, hands and feet have good effects to moisturize your skin, prevent the coarse and crack of your skin. After the pregnant women give birth to a child, apply some olive oil to their abdomens it can help to remove the striae gravidarum. Use olive oil to wipe your navel and abdomen, use your hands to massage it can help to degradation of subcutaneous fat and lose your weight. So olive oil is good for vitiligo patients.

(3). It can care your lips: the weather is getting cold, if you have cold or suffer from indigestion will disturb because of your lips cracked, if you use a little olive oil you lips can become smooth after tow days and three days. It is very good for vitiligo patients.

(4). It can beautiful your hair: drip several drops of olive oil on your comb used it as hair conditioner directly or drip several drops of olive oil in your hair conditioner.

Olive oil is a very good skin care product, but there are many olive oil in the market contains chemical compositions or other materials so vitiligo patients use olive oil must under doctor’s instruction. The olive oil is very for vitiligo patients but is not the medicine, so it have no treatment effects to vitiligo patients, vitiligo patients once have vitiligo must go to a normal specialized vitiligo hospital to treat their disease.


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