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Nursing Care for the Vitiligo Infants

nursing care for vitiligo infantsThe onset of vitiligo is regardless of age, so the infant also can have vitiligo, parents need to do a good job in nursing care for their infants to prevent vitiligo, for those vitiligo infant, except for correct scientific treatment, more over their parents also need to pay attention to the application of nursing care for their vitiligo infant to help drug therapy and make them recovered earlier. The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital holds that there are three points the parents of the infant patient with vitiligo should pay attention to.

First, the parents of vitiligo infant should send their baby to the hospital to diagnose and treat once they found they have vitiligo and strengthen the nursing care for them at same time. The treatment plan should made under the doctor’s instruction and application. Strengthen the nursing care, avoid external injuries and infectious, treat their vitiligo with positive attitude. Once they found their vitiligo worsen, they need send their baby to the normal specialized vitiligo hospital immediately, try their best to cooperate with doctor to get rid of their inducements of vitiligo as soon as possible.

Second, the normal external treatment is also very important to vitiligo patients, treat vitiligo patients must combine the internal and external to nursing care their vitiligo babies. The treatment of vitiligo infants, must need under the professional physician’s instruction and take the medicines according to the time and quantity, do not over use the medicine. They also can orally intake medicines, a little medication treatment and combine the phototherapy can improve the treatment effects. But all these treatments must need under the instruction of professional physicians in the normal professional dermatology hospital, once they found abnormal phenomenon of their babies, the parents of vitiligo infants must take their kids to diagnose in the hospital as soon as possible to avoid delay their babies illness condition.

Third the diet of vitiligo infants is also very important, they need to strengthen the nutrition. Because the infant is very young, organs in their body are underdeveloped, so they need to pay more attention to the diet, the babies in the lactation period, their mother should pay more attentions in their daily life, the mother of the infants should eat more high protein, high energy, the content of vitamin B is very high foods, they also can properly supply varies of trace elements, eat more foods with deep color appearance. All these foods can come into the latex indirectly, it have certain prevent effects for the vitiligo infants. If the babies is over four months, the parents of vitiligo infants can properly add some cherries in the diet of their babies as food supplement, they need pay attention to the balance nutrition of their diet, they also can ground some black soya beans, nuts and so on for their babies, it also can prevent vitiligo.

Once the parents found their babies have vitiligo, they’d better take them to a normal specialized vitiligo hospital to comprehensively treat their vitiligo.


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