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Chinese Herbs to Cure Vitiligo

Chinese herbs to treat vitiligoMany people knows that although western medicine treatment is quick and easy, but it only treat the symptoms not from the root, although traditional Chinese medicine with longer course but it is very good for the patient’s health. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about Chinese herbs to cure vitiligo.

1. Chinese herbs invigorating spleen and stomach

Through long term clinical observation, we found part of vitiligo patients have vitiligo related with weakness of spleen and the stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that stomach and spleen digest water and grains, are the important organs of qi and blood, if spleen and stomach weak, there are no source of qi and blood, if the skin lost qi and blood, the skin will turn white. So this kind of vitiligo, traditional Chinese medicine adopt this method to treat vitiligo, use Chinese herbs to adjust our stomach and spleen to treat vitiligo with good treatment effects.

2. Chinese herbs regulating kidney.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the kidney storing essence, the essence can change the blood, if the essence can not change the blood, the skin will malnutrition, the skin will become white. This kind of vitiligo with pure white color, will not cured after a long time treatment. This kind of vitiligo can choose Chinese herbs to regulate the kidney.

3. Activating blood and removing blood stasis to treat vitiligo.

Meridian pass the qi and blood, the qi and blood can nourish the skin, if the blood stasis meridian, QI-blood circulation will be blocked, part of the skin will lost qi and blood finally induce vitiligo, this kind of vitiligo always distribute around the nerve dominant areas. It is suitable to use Chinese herbs to activating blood and removing blood stasis to treat vitiligo.

4. Chinese herbs to soothe the liver method.

Chinese medicine holds that the emotions of people was dominated by the liver, if the stagnation of liver-qi, it will cause the disorder of qi and blood and finally cause vitiligo on your skin. This kind of vitiligo always irritated by the emotions, the common sites of vitiligo is often on the chest and skid of limb. So it is suitable to adopt Chinese herbs to soothe the liver.

What I mentioned above is the Chinese herbs to treat vitiligo, wish it could help you to understand it better, it is also very important for vitiligo patients to choose treatments according to their symptoms, do not take medicines blindly, you need go to a specialized vitiligo patients to consult the doctor. Combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, it can treat both symptoms and root causes.


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