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The Harms of Vitiligo on Hands

the harms of vitiligo on handsWhat the harms of vitiligo on hands? The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital make a introduction about vitiligo, this is a kind of common pigment loss skin disease, the main symptoms of vitiligo is have white patches in our skin. The vitiligo often occurred in the exposed area of our body, vitiligo on hands is the most common one. But for vitiligo patients with vitiligo on their hands have some harms hard to ignored.

So what harms of vitiligo on hands?

The harm one is it easy to make patients have psychological block: hands is the often exposed area, if the patients with vitiligo on hands will damage the appearance of vitiligo patients, it will attacked patient’s self confidence, the patients will have depression emotion, will anxious, it will great damage the patients mental and physical health, make them more and more isolated, they will avoid to contact with others, these negative emotions will finally worsen the vitiligo.

The harm two is will cause social barrier for vitiligo patients: the patients with vitiligo on their hands will feel self abased, anxiety and worry, decrease their confidence and make them feel lonely, they afraid to be discriminated by others, they will over sensitive to other’ s attitude, long time mental pressure will make them have sense of social crisis, they will have anxiety and fear emotion to the social contact.

The third harm is the expand of vitiligo: if the vitiligo patients with vitiligo on hands do not adopt effective ways to teat their vitiligo, it is easy to cause their vitiligo on hands expand even their hair will become white, if the vitiligo not controlled effectively, it will expanded to your whole body.

The harm four is it can induce other diseases: the vitiligo patients with vitiligo on hands have weak assistance ability to the ultraviolet ray, the incidence to have skin cancer is higher than normal people. The vitiligo can induce many diseases such as pernicious anemia, psoriasis, malignant tumor, bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, cataract, thyroid disease and other accompaniments.

The experts in our hospital suggest vitiligo patients need to adopt proper treatments to treat vitiligo to avoid the harms of vitiligo.

The three steps of the UM-D treatment.

1. The first step is control the spread of the vitiligo.

2. The second step is to recover the color of vitiligo.

3. The third step is to prevent it relapse.

Our experts holds that the vitiligo on hand seriously damaged our health, so vitiligo patients do not ignore this problems. Although vitiligo is not easy to cured compared with other diseases but if the vitiligo patients choose the proper way to treat vitiligo, they can get rid of vitiligo finally.


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