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Why Winter is the Best Season to Treat Vitiligo

traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligoVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease, it not only will damage the appearance of the patients but also will make many patients live with heavy psychological burden. So many people try their best to find a good way to treat their vitiligo. Vitiligo experts told us vitiligo patients can adopt traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine and treat their vitiligo in winter, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the benefits to treat vitiligo in winter.

The benefits to treat vitiligo in winter.

1. In winter, the ultraviolet ray in the sunlight is relatively weak, vitiligo patients have no need to worry about get sunburn and stimulating their illness state, the soft ultraviolet ray in winter have good treatment effects for vitiligo patients.

2. From the pathology of vitiligo, there are many clinical research data indicates that the symptoms of vitiligo will relieved in winter, also shown some signs about the vitiligo stop spreading in winter that is mean the vitiligo is stable in winter. In that time the types of medicines and treatments can be chosen are increased.

3. From the mental state of vitiligo patients, because in winter, everyone wear thick clothes, the vitiligo basically covered by their clothes and not very easy to see so the influence of vitiligo to their appearance will relieved at certain degree, so their emotion will gradually stable with their vitiligo covered in winter, it is very good for vitiligo treatment and very good for the medicine to have effects.

there are two ways in traditional Chinese medicine to treat vitiligo.

1. Use Traditional Chinese medicine to tonify kidney.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that kidney storing essence, if the kidney have problems, the skin will lack of nutrition and finally might cause vitiligo. This kind of vitiligo is pure white vitiligo, will take a very long time to treat and probably will have not much results the hair in vitiligo might become white. This kind of vitiligo can adopt tonify kidney treatment, there are some traditional Chinese medicines used to treat vitiligo such as medicinal psoralen, fructus ligustri lucidi, eclipta and so on.

2. Adopt invigoration spleen method to treat vitiligo.

According to long term clinical observation found vitiligo closely related with the weakness of spleen and stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the stomach and spleen are the important organs to produce qi and blood, if the spleen and stomach weak, there are no source to treat produce qi and blood, if our skin lack of qi and blood, our skin will become white. For this kind of vitiligo, we often adopt strengthening spleen and stomach to treat and often will have good treatment effects.


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