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Does Vitiligo Spread and How to Prevent it Spread

does vitiligo spread and how to prevent it spreadThe experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital in China, the basic knowledge vitiligo patients should keep in mind is know how to do a good job in preventing it spreading, the vitiligo is very easy to spread in the initial stage of vitiligo, so if you do a good job to prevent it spreading in it’s initial stage, it will have great help to your vitiligo, there are some ways will help to prevent your vitiligo from spreading.

The daily medicines for vitiligo patients.

1. Vitiligo patients need to use moisturizing water. Dry skin is the hotbed for vitiligo to get from bad to worse, so vitiligo patients must pay attention to moisturizing their skin, usually the body lotion should with higher concentration and better oily and can firmly lock the moisture for a long time, if it is the night, after use some moisturizing products you can wrapped your face with preservation film except for the face.

2. Pay attention to the changes of your skin. People with vitiligo should carefully treated their skin even gentler than baby’s skin, they apply moisturizing products should pay attention to not injured their skin at the same time. They also should manicure their nails regularly to prevent injuring themselves, make sure when you use medicines such as when you use coal tar shampoo to wash your hair, you should make sure it can not only reach your hair but also your scalp. Vitiligo patients also should use soothing shower gel such as tar gel regularly, it have some help to prevent your vitiligo from spreading.

3. Vitiligo patients should keep properly dampness in their rooms. What vitiligo patients afraid most is the dry climate, you must pay attention to the dampness in your room, dryness will make their vitiligo spreading, so they must pay attention to dampness in their room.

4. Use humidifier. If it is possible, vitiligo patients had better use humidifier in their room especially in the cold dry season.

5. Vitiligo patients should try to avoid to use medicines might worsen their vitiligo. They must consult a doctor often, for vitiligo patients, they must keep in mind one point that is no matter which symptoms to have, they should avoid use medicines without under doctor’s instruction, they should consult a doctor before take any medicine to avoid the spreading of their vitiligo.

The specialized vitiligo treatment.

Localized vitiligo patients must pay attention to adopt specialized, scientific normal treatment, they also must pay attention to do a good job in post-traumatic skin maintenance to avoid arouse melanophore change under the skin tissues and finally induce the disease

There are many ways to treat localized vitiligo, in one hand, localized vitiligo often exist alone in certain part of the body with small lesion area, so it is easier to treat, on the other hand, localized vitiligo patients rarely have any color changes in their hair, so surgery and medicine treatment all can achieve very good treatment effects. Generally often adopt external treatment method such as phototherapy, surgery but need to reasonable standard used it to avoid having isomorphic reaction and reduced to generalized vitiligo.

The experts in Beijing CASU TCM Vitiligo Hospital indicates that early found early treatment will have 90% cure rate, the younger the vitiligo patients are, the small the lesion area are, the easier to treat. Vitiligo patients should not believe in so called folk remedies to avoid their vitiligo spreading, what they should keep in mind is vitiligo will not pass from one person to another.

What I mentioned above are some ways to prevent the vitiligo from spreading, wishing every patients get rid of the vitiligo finally.


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