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Some Health Care Knowledge for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo treatment machineVitiligo is a common stubborn skin disease, my vitiligo patients still have many confusions about it, in this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about some health care knowledge for vitiligo patients and wish it would help vitiligo patients decrease the fear about this disease and choose their vitiligo correctly.

1. Health care knowledge one is vitiligo patients should decrease their mental pressure and avoid mental trauma.

This disease is a kind of acquired pigment loss skin disease, mental pressure and trauma also can affect the illness state of vitiligo patients. Family discord, economy difficulty, poor living environment, was treated badly, criticized by others, poor interpersonal relationship and so on all have some effects to the stable and treatment effects of the vitiligo, even purely rely on the medicine is very hard to control the vitiligo, besides, the vitiligo patients suffered from discrimination from others in their daily life, so when to restore the color of vitiligo patients, it is also very important to combine the mental therapy to treat their vitiligo, to comfort and care about vitiligo patients and decrease their mental pressure and worries, avoid external negative factors stimulating their vitiligo. Try to cultivate a friendly environment for vitiligo patients, it is very good for the recovery of their disease.

2. Health care knowledge two is vitiligo patients should standardize external treatments, pay attention to combine the internal and external treatment together.

The concentration and dosage of the drug for external use should properly and avoid to irritated their skin. When use topical corticosterioids, vitiligo patients should choose stable effects or potent effects medicines, after their disease controlled, they can gradually decrease the dosage and concentration of medicines, the drugs for external use can not used in large scale and long term. Avoid to use external medicines with strong irritations during the development of your disease, in the summer vitiligo patients also should pay attention to the time and times to apply light sensitive drugs, decrease the time exposed to the sunlight to prevent the occurrence of photo toxicity. Vitiligo patients also should combine the internal and external treatment together to improve the treatment effects.

Vitiligo treatment is a long and rocky course, it not only challenge the patience of vitiligo patient, it also challenge their psychological endurance, so the mental therapy is very important for vitiligo patients, they need the confidence and courage to face their disease bravely.

These two points I mentioned above are good health care knowledge for vitiligo patients, only in this way, can vitiligo patients will yield the twice result with the half efforts.


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