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General Knowledge About Vitiligo

I'd like to make a brief introduction about a little knowledge about vitiligo in this article and wish you could have good knowledge about it after you read this article.

1. What is vitiligo?

Once there is a child in my neighbor every time went out will package himself very tight, we all wondered the reason of it, why he always different with us? Once I came to ask my mother, she told me that he had vitiligo. I did not pay much attention to vitiligo at that time, this is the first time I heard vitiligo this name. Until later I saw some vitiligo picture, it scared me, I check it in internet and finally I known about what is vitiligo. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about general knowledge about vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a common acquired frequently occurred skin disease. This disease have the symptoms of localized or generalized pigment loss white patches. It is a kind of acquired localized or generalized skin pigment loss disease, it is a kind of disease greatly damaged the patient’s appearance, easy to diagnose and hard to treat. This disease happened all over the world, the incidence rate is highest in India, there are about 10000 people onset this disease, it can involved all races and genders.

What the symptoms of vitiligo? Vitiligo at initial stage often with the size of small coin in the shape of circular, oval or irregular, some patient’s vitiligo at initial stage often in the shape of dot depigmentation patches, the boundary of vitiligo is usually obvious; the edge often surrounded with pigment belt. In few cases, there are hair follicle dot shape pigment generating, expand and integrated with each other into the island shape. Except the loss of pigment, there are no shrink or furfuration change in skin lesion, the hair on the vitiligo might lose the pigment even totally become white, there are also hair will not change color for very long time.

The vitiligo seriously damage the daily communication of vitiligo patients especially for children.

2. The nursing care for children vitiligo patients.

Nowadays children vitiligo patients occupied a large portion in vitiligo patients group, because of their self-care ability and psychological enduring capacity are poor, so many of thing should shouldered by their parents. Of course the price of the parents of the child who have vitiligo have to pay is large. I’d like to make a brief introduction to the parents with vitiligo about how to nursing care their child with vitiligo.

3. Balance their diet and strengthen their nutrition.

Vitiligo patients should adjust their diet structure after the get disease, eat more foods rich in high protein, high energy, vitamin B, appropriately supply a variety of trace elements, eat more foods with dark color such as black soya beans, black rice, black sesame, walnuts, black fungus, black dates, mulberries, peanuts and so on, avoid to eat or eat less foods rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, citrus, grapefruits, apricots, hawthorns, strawberries, kiwifruits and so on. If their vitiligo in the development stage, they should avoid to eat foods with pungent, sweet, fat, spicy foods and fishy seafood. Parents of vitiligo children should not say yes to their request about these kind of foods because of dote on their children.

3. Diagnose and treat it timely, do a job job in nursing care.

The parents of vitiligo children should send their kids to specialized vitiligo hospital to diagnose and treat their vitiligo timely and cooperate with their doctor to find out the inducements might cause their vitiligo, the treatment plan should be make and carried out under their doctor’s instruction. Strengthen nursing care, avoid external injuries and infectious. Optimistically treat their vitiligo and other skin diseases, if their parents find their vitiligo illness state worsen, they should send their kids to the hospital to treat their vitiligo, get rid of some inducements and adjust their treatment plan.

4. Rational use medicines and avoid injuries.

There are many ways to treat vitiligo, part of the medicines and treatments is not suitable for children such as systematically use immunosuppressor, anti tumor drug, long term, large scale external application corticosteroid and so on, orally take 8-MOP, PUVA and other surgery also not suitable for children vitiligo patients. The children vitiligo patients can choose ultraviolet ray radiation, immunosuppressor, traditional Chinese medicine, external use medicine and other treatments with fewer side effects. They also need to adjust their treatment plan timely according to their disease condition changes and avoid Iatrogenic injury.

5. Continuous treatment, avoid interruption.

All kinds of treatments to treat this disease all need longer time to have treatment effects, you should avoid acting with undue haste, you should persistent and patient to take medicine. Because vitiligo children hard to receive and cooperate with doctor for the complex treatment, especially external use medicines, it is hard for them to insist to use it every day, so the parents of vitiligo children should patiently guide them and take good care of them, insist check and urge them to take medicine, help them to use external medicines and help vitiligo children master the way to use medicines.


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