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How to Prevent Vitiligo Daily Life

how to treat vitiligo effectivelyVitiligo is a common acquired skin disease, many people call it Albinism, it caused by the function of melanin pigment cells disappeared, the gender difference is no clear in vitiligo this disease, age groups is also havenot much relationship with it, you will feel itch at your skin lesion before the onset of your vitiligo. The sites of vitiligo is also uncertain, many parts of our body can have vitiligo but the pathogens of vitiligo still unclear. The researches of the inducements of vitiligo are very much in recent years, all in all there are several factors can cause vitiligo such as genetic factor, autoimmunity, mental state, melanin pigment cells, trace elements, sunburn and so on.

At present, vitiligo treatments starts from 4 aspects at medical field include medication treatment, surgery treatment, pigment loss treatment and physicotherapeutics treatment. You are hard to tell which treatment is bad which treatment is good, because it is chose according to the symptoms of vitiligo patients, generally speaking, if the vitiligo patients can not achieve the therapy effects they wanted, they will consider to receive the surgery to treat their vitiligo. Except these four ways, moreover, vitiligo patients also need pay attentions to several aspects to find out the true cause of their vitiligo:

1. The first they need to do is to take thoroughly tests, try their best to find out the true causes of their vitiligo, treat their vitiligo according to the symptoms, decrease the relapse rate. If your family have vitiligo history, you need to told to your doctor when he diagnose your vitiligo and help the doctor to diagnose your vitiligo.

2. Improve the psychological defense mechanism, keep a good mind state. Some research indicates that if you have bad psychological state or depression, it have great inhibit effects to the metabolism of your melanin pigment cells. That is mean if you have negative mood, it might worsen your vitiligo. Moreover, if you keep a good mood, it is helpful to improve your immunity, while if the decrease of your immunity might induce the vitiligo and even cause the onset of complications. So keep a good mood have great effect to inhibit and treatment the vitiligo, vitiligo patients should have more knowledge about vitiligo and face their vitiligo optimistic.

3. Closely contact with sunlight. Sunlight have great effects to promote the growth of melanin pigment, for vitiligo patients, properly exposed to the sunlight help to make up the function of melanin pigment disappear, improve the vitiligo cure rate. In the physical therapy, we adopt narrow band ultraviolet ray, wide band ultraviolet ray and others to treat vitiligo patients, it is to promote the growth of melanin pigment. Compare with machines, sunlight is the pure natural free melanin pigment promote agent.

4. Enhance physical exercise, improve body immunity. The complications of vitiligo includes diabetes, pernicious anemia, alopecia areata, malignant tumor and so on, the functions of our body was destroyed, the epidermal layer of our skin might damaged these greatly influenced by our immunity. If you want to prevent and treat your vitiligo, you’d better enhance physical exercise, improve the assistance ability to all kinds of virus and diseases.

5. Pay attention to your dietary. Food is the first necessity of the people, vitiligo patients should pay attention to the safety of their food, generally speaking, some foods might inhibit the melanin pigment growth is not proper for vitiligo patients.


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