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Common Mistakes in Vitiligo Treatment

common mistakes in vitiligo treatmentVitiligo patients purchase medicines blindly after they have vitiligo, this is the one mistake that vitiligo patients often made. Vitiligo patients should insist on the long term scientific treatment is the best policy for them. Some vitiligo patients believe in some folk remedies and blindly take the medicines prescribed by some quack doctors and finally cause them delay the best time to treat vitiligo and worsen their disease. So what vitiligo patients should pay attention to when they take medicine? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction about the mistakes in vitiligo treatment.

1. Therapy is not scientific: can not promote the quick generation of melanin pigment cells, rely on the hormones will have toxic and side effects if you did not take rigorously tests and divided the types of vitiligo.

2. Only treat the symptoms not of vitiligo not the root of vitiligo: do not grasp melanin pigment cells self destruction this basis, do not solve the source and apoptosis of melanin pigment can not effectively treat vitiligo from the root.

3. Delay the illness and finally worsen the disease: many vitiligo patients did not take effectively treatment after the onset of vitiligo.

4. The property of medicine is weak, can not effectively promote the generation of melanin pigment, can not reach to the pituitary of the brain and central nervous systems through blood brain barrier of the human body, can not promote the generation of melanin pigment through effectively adjust the pituitary of the brain.

Female vitiligo

The factors causes the female vitiligo

Woman have vitiligo is easy to infect their normal life, so we need to stay away from the inducements of vitiligo, prevent the harms of the vitiligo.

1. Disorder of endocrine. In the endocrine systems in our body, the systems in our body can function normally if they are in the balanced state. If the endocrine systems disordered in our body, it is very easy to induce the occurrence of vitiligo.

2. Trauma. If our epidermal skin suffered some injuries, the infection rate of our skin will increased correspondingly, so the incidence of vitiligo is also increased correspondingly.

3. Mental factors. When we have mental pressures, we are easy to have vitiligo.

Why the incidence rate of female vitiligo is higher than male?

With the life space in our society speed up, the work pressure and life pressure of us is amounting, so there are many diseases take advantage of this to attack us, vitiligo is one of these diseases. So why the incidence rate of female vitiligo is higher than male? What cause the it happen?

It is natural for women to pursue beauty, the requirement of woman for beauty is higher the man. According to some research records, we found the incidence of woman to have vitiligo is higher than the man, this is a hit for the woman pursue beauty.

2. Because woman pursue beauty, so they will use more lotions and cosmetics than man. Although many business man work on this industry will say their products is purely extracted from plant and is naturally, but these lotions and cosmetics contains more or less chemical substances, these substances have certain irritation to their skin and easy cause the onset of vitiligo.

2. There are obvious difference in the endocrine of female and male, the onset of vitiligo is closely related to the endocrine at the same time. According to the clinical data statistics, there are about 23.6% vitiligo patients have vitiligo because of endocrine disorder, among these diseases, the diabetes, thyroid over active, the menstrual disorder in women of childbearing age accompany with the hyperplasis of mammary glands or fibrous tumor of breast and other endocrine diseases that’s the reason why the incidence rate of female vitiligo is higher than male vitiligo.

3. There are another objective reason is the female pay more attention to their appearance, once they have vitiligo or other diseases, they will come to hospital to treat their diseases timely, so the clinical data in hospitals indicates the incidence rate of woman vitiligo is higher than man.


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