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5 Ways to Prevent Vitiligo

5 ways to prevent vitiligoNow with the vitiligo incidence rate increasing in recent years, many people feared about this disease. In this article, I’d like to introduce 4 ways to prevent vitiligo.

Avoid or decrease the directly contact with rubber gloves: because rubber gloves contains the monobenzyl ether of hydioquinone , this is a kind of antioxidant. monobenzyl ether of hydioquinone have destructive effect to the melanin pigment cells in our skin, some workers wear this kind of rubber gloves will have vitiligo in back of their hands, forearms and even lower parts of their legs.

Avoid mental trauma or over pressure in their life: mental pressure or too much pressure in their life is the inducements of vitiligo, the onset or worsen of vitiligo if of happened after some stressful events happened. The vitiligo patients should avoid mental pressure, over tired, over thoughts, too much anxiety, unbalanced diet and sleep, could not sleep all night and so on. Mental pressure, depression not only can induce vitiligo but also can make the old vitiligo expanded.

2. Keep a balanced dietary, have enough rest time: according to the illness state and physical health of vitiligo patients, they need to eat more foods rich in protein, low fat, low sugar, vitamin B and so on. Avoid to eat spicy, pungent, stimulating foods, these foods can worsen your vitiligo. Balance the rest and work, have enough sleep time, participate in activities the good for your mental and physical health, but the time do not too long, the exercise not too intense.

3. The vitiligo in the development period should avoid or decrease the external stimulation: such as external mechanical irritation, pressure to the skin, friction and external injuries, tight waist and so on can induce vitiligo, other local stimulation such as scratching, burns, radioactive rays, medical medicines, chiblain, infectious and so on also can induce the vitiligo.

4. Avoid eat or eat less fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as kiwifruits, oranges, tomatoes, lemons, hawthorns and so on, because vitamin C will hinder the generation of melanin pigment in the process of melanin metabolism process and finally worsen the disease. Vitiligo patients should eat more foods rich in tyrosine such as pig liver, lean meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, bean products and so on.

These five preventive ways for vitiligo I mentioned above wish it can help you, these five points only for your reference but can not as the basis of diagnosis and treatment because the vitiligo type and symptoms of vitiligo patients are different, so you should listen to doctor’s advice in your treatment.


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