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How to Increase the Self-healing Capacity of Vitiligo Patients

HWO TO INCREASE THE SELP-CAPACITY OF VITILIGO PATIENTSMany people want to ask whether vitiligo can automatically healed, in this article, I’d like to introduce 5 ways can increase the self-capacity of vitiligo patients.

1. Self affirmation. The optimistic attitude can maintain your immune system to in the best condition, especially when you suffered from huge pressure you should pay special attention to it, for vitiligo patients, keep a good mood state is a right remedy to release your vitiligo.

2. Actively participate in the activities of literature and art, listening to the music, it can enhance the resistance of your body. No matter what kind of music all can make the listener have some biological effects and promote the growth of the melanin pigment cells.

The patients often participate in the activities of literature and art such as go to the concert, so to the museum to see the exhibition, go to watch the sports game and so will have good recovery than those long time stay at home and their life expectancy is also longer than them. These are all the good ways to maintain health, it not only can make you happy and relax, but also can save your money.

3. Closely contact with your close friends. According to a found, the people have many friends their immunity function is 20% better than the people with introversion personality, the good social association is helpful for them to fight against the pressure, decrease the secretion of hormone, increase the function of immune cells.

So open your mind to communicate with your dear friends is good for vitiligo patients, it can effectively get rid of the mental pressure, they can fight against the vitiligo with better mind state.

4. Keep a diary. Writing diary is also a good way to express your emotions, it can help you fight against the germs and virus in your body better.

The research workers in New York once found writing an article can help you see the things more clearly and your stress is decreased, you will not suffered from too much pressure, it also can promote the hormone secretion, speed up the growth of melanin pigment.

5. Insist on daydreaming. Have 5 minutes daydreaming, let the pictures make you happy flowing through your mind, it can increase the number of immunity cells, activate the activity of cells. Some experts pointed out some people work on this those people their pressure decreased and the consume of their immune system is also decreased.

But very few vitiligo patient’s vitiligo automatically healed, the vitiligo patients once have vitiligo should go to a specialized vitiligo hospital to systematically treat their disease. It’s the best way to treat their vitiligo.


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