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Why Vitiligo Should be Treated Timely

why vitiligo should be treated timelyVitiligo is a common pigment loss skin disease in our daily life. The pathogens of vitiligo is still remained unclear at present, but the mainly symptoms of this disease is the melanin pigment cells lost it’s function. The site of the vitiligo can in the part of the body also can in the whole body, the common onset parts is in the hands, face, around sexual organs and so on, especially in the labia of young woman, this area is the high incidence area of vitiligo.

The diagnose results in our country is relatively determined, it the diagnosis process, what need to pay attention to is the distinguish the symptoms difference of these diseases such as nevus anemicus, pityriasis simplex, chromophytosis, non pigmented moles and so on. Vitiligo often accompany with those diseases such as diabetes, pernicious anemia, atopic dermatitis, thyroid disease, malignant tumor and other complications and so on. With the worsen of this symptoms, it might endangered their life. Many patients mistaken vitiligo is only a skin disease can only influence our appearance and have not much damage to our health, so once your skin have abnormal symptoms, you need to treat your vitiligo timely, this is the best option for vitiligo patients.

There are four treatments to treat vitiligo in our China: medication adjust treatment, surgery treatment, pigment loss treatment and physicotherapeutics. The medication treatment mainly adopt psoralen and derivatives, vitamins, medication contains copper element and so on to treat vitiligo. You need to adopt immune modulators and local application of skin irritants to treat vitiligo. But what we need to pay attention to is the skin irritants only suitable for small scale vitiligo patients, if you use vitiligo in large area, you need to careful to use medicine. After treated by medicines and still have no improvement, you can consider the auto epidermis transplant surgery. At present, the auto epidermis transplanting surgery is relatively mature, the patients can choose it without misgivings. If the skin lesion area in relatively large in vitiligo patients, you can choose external rubbed hydroquinone single benzene ether cream. The physicotherapeutics is adopt wide band violet ray, long band violet ray to treat vitiligo.

There are many treatments to treat vitiligo, all need to according to the illness state of vitiligo patients, what you need pay attention to is in the treatment period, vitiligo patients must cooperate with their doctor, follow the doctor’s advice, is good for the recovery of their vitiligo. For those patients with vitiligo in his or her whole body, normally their vitiligo should controlled first. If vitiligo patients want to avoid the spreading of their illness state, they need to diagnose in a specialized vitiligo hospital timely.

Moreover, although, the pathogens of vitiligo is still unclear at present, but at present, it closely related with the factors such as genetic factor, immunity disorder, mental pressure, over exposure to the sunlight. So if you want to prevent vitiligo, you need to avoid over exposure to the sunlight, when you want to exercise, you need to choose a place full of fresh air, when you need go out, you need to do a good job in protecting your skin.


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