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How To Treat Vitiligo

Vitiligo TreatmentVitiligo is a kind of chronic and refractory disease for it’s complex pathogenesis, and the same treatment has various response for different patients It’s treatment maybe effective, general, even invalid. According to different region and medical units, medical field tryto find a good treatment. In fact, the more drugs and methods of treatment, the more proof there is no effective cure for vitiligo, so treatment with a tentative. The treatments of vitiligo in China and abroad generally as following:
Pure Chinese medicine treatment.
Traditional Chinese medicine combined with Western medicine.Oral drugs combined with drug for external skin .
Phototherapy and PUVA .
Pure Western medicine treatment.
From the therapeutic point of view, Traditional Chinese medicine combined with Western medicine, local combined with whole treatments are of best results. What should be pay enough attention is that vitiligo usually get a external skin treatment, especially small area of damage; if it is generalized disease with white patches, or white patches spread rapidly in a short term, it should also take with oral medications to control condition early.
Vitiligo’s causes are complex, and there are different vitiligo categories, stages and the parts with great individual feature, so the treatment usually with tentative.To cure vitiligo, the drug is the main method of the treatment . For these pessimistic patients who should be given psychological counseling to get a will of patience and perseverance for the treatment.


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