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Vitiligo Health Care Common Sense

common senses of vitiligoVitiligo is a relatively stubborn skin disease, it is difficult to treat and it’s treatment course is relatively longer, east to relapse. Because vitiligo directly influence our appearance, so it often brought much much mental pressure to the patients, even will make the patients formed a very unsociable character and refused to contact with others. To avoid disturbed by vitiligo, we should learn so daily health care common sense to prevent vitiligo. What are the common sense of health care about vitiligo?

1. The initial symptoms of vitiligo.

The initial symptoms of vitiligo generally only have one or several white spots white light white color, the skin lesion in the shape of nearly circular, oval or irregular shape. Generally, vitiligo have no self-conscious like itching and hurting and it often appeared in the exposed or friction area of your body. Some vitiligo distribute only in one side of our body, some vitiligo distribute symmetrically, generally speaking, vitiligo can not disappeared by itself.

2. Vitiligo dietary cautions.

Vitiligo patients should eat more foods with black or purple color, this is good for the melanin pigment formed in our body such as black soya beans, black rice, black sesame, walnuts and so on; tyrosine and copper trace element is good for the synthesis of melanin, so vitiligo patients can eat more foods rich in tyrosine and copper element foods such as beef, black fungus, pears, jujubes, dried apricots, beans, raisins and so on.

Pay attention to the foods vitiligo patients should avoid such as they should avoid intake too much foods rich in vitamin C such as some fruits like kiwifruits, pawpaws, fresh citrus, grapefruits, cherries, waxberries, strawberries and so on. There are some vegetables also rich in vitamin C you should try to avoid to eat or eat less such as tomatoes, green chilies, caraways, white radishes, and so on. There are some spicy, stimulating, pungent foods such as green onions, garlic, shrimps, mutton, chilies, wines and so on.

3. Daily health care of vitiligo.

You should follow the early found early treat principle, it can largely increaase the vitiligo cure rate and decrease it relapse, it also can save money for you. When vitiligo delayed for too long until it late stage, it will spend longer time to treat it and not easy to cure it. So you should go to a specialized vitiligo hospital to comprehensively treat your vitiligo once you found you have vitiligo.

You also should keep a good mind state, pay attention to cultivate your psychological quality, learn to adjust your abnormal emotions, release your mental conflicts and pressure, release your mental pressure. You also can develop some hobbies, you also can distract your attentions through entertainments, study to solve the boredom.

Keep a good life habits. Cultivate a good life habits is very important to treat your vitiligo. Vitiligo patients in their daily life should pay attention to personal hygiene, keep your living place in order, do not stay up late; properly arrange your time, do not hurry and not anxiety.

Take care of your skin. Take shower gentally, avoid rub your skin with strengh; avoid directly contact with some phenol chemical compounds such as rubber gloves; protect your skin, avoid external injuries, avoid long time over exposure to the sunlight and so on.

Pay attention to physical exercise. Proper exercise not only good to your body, but also can enhance vitiligo patient’s immunity, is very good to their treatments. Such as jogging, practice shadow boxing and so on all these are good spots activities.

Warm prompts: all I mentioned above are some vitiligo common senses, I suggest you pay attention to your skin, if you have vitiligo, you’d better go to the hospital timely, if you do a good job in vitiligo health care, I believe you can have a good body.


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