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Fast Facts About Vitiligo Diagnosis and Treatment

diagnose and treat vitiligo in a correct wayMore and more people in our life have vitiligo, vitiligo as a kind of skin disease are more and more attracting people’s attentions. In this article, I’d like to share some knowledge about how to diagnose vitiligo and whether the vitiligo treatment can stopped in fall and winter.

1. How to diagnose vitiligo?

We all known if one have vitiligo, he or she must have white patches on their body. But there are many diseases have the symptoms of white patches such as sweat stain, pigmented moles, a congenital skin depigmentation disorder and other disease, so how to determine that we the white patches in our body is vitiligo? I will mention about this in below parts.

Vitiligo is a disease with the symptoms of more than one part of the body have white patches, this white patches have no dander, it will become red once irradiated by the sunlight, generally can be observed by our naked eye. It can be tested by the wood lamp, is a special detection of vitiligo, under the wood lamp, you can see it clearly whether it is vitiligo or not. Is the basic equipment to test vitiligo.

Many vitiligo patents lack of some trace elements such as copper. So we need to add trace elements test in detection to provide a basis for vitiligo.

There are another test is skin CT equipment, is the most advanced equipment to test vitiligo, it can reflect the test results to the computer, can clearly reflect the vitiligo haven’t appeared, this is a big step taken on the basis of the wood lamp, not only doctor can see it, patients themselves also can see it , they can see the boundary between vitiligo and normal skin and can reflect the uncleared vitiligo.

Vitiligo is very easy to diagnose in via these devices, but the hardcore is the treatment of vitiligo, because vitiligo is a kind of disease easy to relapse, these need vitiligo patients to cooperate with their doctor in the treatment process, they need to have confidence, persistence and patience. Vitiligo is a disease can be cured completely.

2. Whether the treatment of vitiligo can be stopped in fall and winter?

Vitiligo patients might have this feeling, their vitiligo will relapse or spread in spring and summer, because summer is the peak season of vitiligo onset, some types of vitiligo will spread a little in the treatment process, it’s a normal situation, if you do a good preventive job, your vitiligo will not spread very fast, the cured vitiligo also need to take some medicine to prevent it relapse, so in the spring and summer, the vitiligo treatment also can not interrupt and also can not ignore to prevent vitiligo.

Some people might asked, the winter and fall is a season good for vitiligo patients, in these seasons the spreading of their vitiligo will slow down, someone even have some improvement in their illness state, whether they can stopped their treatment?

The answer is they can not, why? Because the normal and safe treatment of vitiligo is adopt a combine therapy, the best among these is Chinese patent medicine to treat vitiligo. Vitiligo is a chronic disease, with a longer treatment process, use Chinese patent medicine to treat vitiligo have safer effect, western medicine and hormone have some side effects to our body, the Chinese medicine can achieve the curative effects only if the medicine concentration reached to a certain degree, and once you take Chinese medicine, you’d better continue to take these medicine, if you stopped to take it, the concentration of the medicine will decrease, the treatment process will prolonged, the worse result is the area of vitiligo will expanded and new vitiligo will appeared. So even in the winter, vitiligo patients also can not stopped to take medicine.

Vitiligo can be cured completely, and if you treat it earlier, you vitiligo will recovered earlier, but one condition for that is you can not stop your treatment, even in the winter and fall, do on misunderstand the symptoms of not expanded is equal to recovered, generally speaking, vitiligo can not be healed by it self, if you want to achieve a good effect, you must follow the correct treatment.


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