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TCM Treatment for Melanin Disorder in Vitiligo

TCM melanin pigment treatment in vitiligoTCM is traditional Chinese medicine, TCM adopt immune balance treatment to treat vitiligo, people usually holds that the pathology and mechanism of vitiligo is closely related to the immunity of our body, there are plenty of experiments shows that the skin section of vitiligo always accompany with the abnormality of immunity of igg and c3, the patient with normal type vitiligo, the content of igg, iga, igm in blood serum obviously higher than normal people, this phenomenon indicates the morbidity of vitiligo is closely related to the immunity function disorder, the vitiligo treatment must combine the factors I mentioned above.

The immunity adjust treatment in TCM to treat vitiligo will produce what treatment effects? We all known cells and cells factors can irritate and inhibit with each other in the immunity reaction of our body, they formed an interacting and mutual supporting immunity adjust system, complete it realize and react to the antibody. Vitiligo immunity adjust treatment is take advantage of immunity adjust medicines to participate in the immunity adjustment, acted on certain link of the immunity reaction, make the body immunity reaction is in the range of what we need to achieve the effects of treat the vitiligo. At present, the TCM melanin pigment balance therapy is introduced in our hospital.

TCM melanin pigment immunity balance therapy is based on the latest cell toxicology theory, it treat Yin and Yang five elements, concept of wholism, meridian theory as guidance, use western medicine advance equipments as assist treatment to syndrome differentiated vitiligo, we also combine the modern medical immunity balance theory, is the latest vitiligo treatment, the TCM melanin pigment immunity balance therapy stressed on four treatments, syndrome differentiated to treatment vitiligo, adopt the treatment of strengthening the body resistance to eliminate pathogenic resistance and eliminating evil, activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, dredge the channels and collateral, detoxification and turbidity, treat an internal illness by external treatment and other treatments, two-ways regulate immunity state, it prominent the essence of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation, according to patient’s innate physical conditions, the difference of their living environments, disease onset seasons leads to the patient illness state features divided into cold, heat, weak and so on. TCM teat vitiligo according to individual illness state, adopt melanin pigment immunity balance therapy to treat vitiligo, achieved remarkable curative effect.

TCM melanin pigment balance therapy changed traditional treatment with single link, make the medicine play it role in links of the disease occurrence, development. In the treatment process, we apply patent Chinese medicine only extracted from pure herbal medicine, adopt different treatment plan according to different causes, syndrome differentiated to treat vitiligo.


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