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Remedies For Vitiligo

Remedies For VitiligoAs we all known, the most important factors of vitiligo treatment is to improve the appearance of the skin. Treatment for the condition often continues for a long-term. The type of treatment depends on the size and number of white patches, part and extent. The response to treatment different from each cases. Most vitiligo treatments involve in the topical application of medication. In topical steroid therapy, steroid creams are used to re-pigment the white patches. This kind of therapy is paticularly effective when done in the initial stages. Patients need to apply the cream to the affected areas for a minimum couple of months. Topical steroid therapy is known by a safe and easy treatment. However there may be some side effects of these creams like: shrinkage or streaks on the skin.

There is another type of treatment for vitiligo called PUVA  and ultraviolet A therapy. The chemicals contained in some medicine react with UV light and cause skin darkening and the drug may be used by orally . This is a time for consuming treatment and may produce couple of side effects. Following treatment, the areas have to be exposed to sunlight or a UV light lamp in carefully timed sessions. In case of a fewer white patches, topical medcine photochemotherapy is used. This treatment can also be used for children aged 2 years and above. The main side effects of this therapy are blistering and sunburn. In ipatients with expanded white patches or those who do not respond to other treatments,medcine  is allowed by orally. Side effects of this therapy may include nausea, vomiting, itching and sunburn.

In addition, somehow, the de-pigmentation can definitely treat vitiligo. This involves in lightening the rest of the skin so that it matches with the white patches. This is often recommended for those who have more than half their bodies covered with white patches. It involves application of certain drugs on the skin. Direct skin to skin contact with others must be avoided for at least two hours after application as the drug may get transferred. Redness and swelling may occur due to this treatment. Some people also experience dryness and itching. Its also easy to be an increased sensitivity to sunlight.

In some cases,Natural remedies for vitiligo involve the use of turmeric and mustard oil which Combine about 5 teaspoons of powdered turmeric with 250 ml of mustard oil and apply the mixture to the affected areas twice daily.This treatment is known for bringing about improvement in 5 to 6 months. Another home remedy for vitiligo involves drinking water kept in a copper utensil. This is known as have a stimulating effect on the melanocytes and therefore it helps in increasing melanin production. The water must be kept in the copper utensil for a night. The herb medcine, which is also used in medical treatments of vitiligo, it can even be used in home remedies. Some medcine and tamarind may be soaked in water about 4 days and then dried and ground into a paste. Apply the paste to the white patches for couple of month. It is advisable to use this remedy with guidance under an expert. Some medicine may also be soaked in ginger juice for 2 to 3 days and then ground into a powder. Add one gram of the powder to a cup of milk and consume. You can keep this up for a couple of months to bring back the pigmentation in the white patches. some specific medcine can also be combined with coconut oil, barberry roots and black cumin. Coconut oil is beneficial in the treatment of various skin conditions while black cumin boosts immunity. Barberry roots contain substances that help protect the skin. The ingredients can combined into a paste and it should be applied to the white patches daily for 6 months.

To sum up, some natural health radish seeds can also bring regeneration of melanin. Patients just need to add a couple of teaspoons of vinegar to powdered radish seeds and mix into a paste. You can apply the paste to the affected area daily for at least 6 months. The plant Mama Cadela has been traditionally used for the treatment of vitiligo patches. The root of the plant may be boiled in water and the extract can be applied to affected areas of skin. According to Some research indicates that this herb helps in limiting the progression of the disease and also assists in re-pigmenting the white patches. These effects may be possible due to the natural immunity boosting properties possessed by the herb.


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