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The Cautions of Taking Medicines for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo treatmentVitiligo is a kind of skin disease easy to relapse again and again, the triggers of vitiligo exist in every aspects of our life. Vitiligo patients need to avert these prevalence factors, do a good job in treat and prevent. There are many ways to treat vitiligo, medication treatment is one of the common treatment is also chosen by most vitiligo patients, mainly because this treatment is simple and convenient, but there also many attentions we must notice. In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of these attentions to you.

Commonly used drugs for vitiligo patients.

1. Photosensitizer

The effect of photosensitizer is to strengthen the photosensitive side action of skin to the ultraviolet ray, regulate the local immune function, improve the activity of tyrosinase, promote the regeneration of melanin pigment cells. Generally speaking, combined with ultraviolet radiation to treat vitiligo.

2. Cytotoxic agent

The effect of cytotoxic agent is to relieve the cell division speed, inhibit the production of anti melanin pigment cell’s antibody, decrease the toxic substances production, regulate the local immune function.

3. Vitamin D and it’s derivatives

The effect of this kind of medicine is to trigger epidermal skin cell divided normally, inhibit the over generation of the malpighian cell, inhibit the inflammatory mediator release, regulate the local immune function. Relative reference: the traditional Chinese medicine combine with western medicine to treat vitiligo.

4. corticosteroid

It’s effect is to relieve skin inflammatory symptoms, regulate the local immune function, improve the stress ability of the vitiligo patients to destructive stimulus, decrease the toxic substances in the cell to release, improve the micro circulation.

5. Antioxidants

The effect of antioxidant is to inhibit the production of superoxidate in epidermal skin, get rid of the over accumulated H202 in epidermal skin, release the free radical injures to the melanin pigment cells.

Medication taboo for vitiligo patients

1. Do not abuse the prescription

There are many prescriptions to treat vitiligo, the course of treatment is longer than other disease and the difficulty of the vitiligo treatment is huge so many vitiligo patients tried prescriptions but the prescriptions can not use blindly. So prescriptions didn’t proved can not scientifically determine it’s effect often will delay your illness conditions. Even the prescriptions used by other vitiligo patient and find out it is a effective one, you also need careful to use this, you’d better consult specialist of vitiligo.

2. Avoid imitate take medicine blindly

Many vitiligo patients holds that the traditional Chinese medicine is safe and without side effects, but if you wrongly take medicine will worsen your disease, because every medicine have a little toxic substances. Some vitiligo patients see other vitiligo patients take Chinese medicine and have some effects than he will imitate others to take Chinese medicine but they ignored the important factor of the individual difference.

3. Avoid overdose

Generally speaking, vitiligo patients use medicine start from small dose medicine especially when you use western medicine to treat vitiligo, you need to pay special attention to it. The side effects of western medicine is more obvious than traditional Chinese medicine, especially damage to the internal organs of vitiligo patients. So vitiligo patients take medicine must under the instruction of specialized expert.

4. Avoid use medicine off and on

Vitiligo patient take medicine must have certain constancy, avoid take medicine off and on. Some vitiligo patients too desperate to treat their vitiligo, take medicine several days and change the medicine for they can not see the effects, in this day they saw an advertise said this kind of medicine have good effect then change another medicine. Some patient lack of money, when they saw the effects they will stop to use the medicine will take medicine again after their vitiligo get worsen, in fact this is very adverse to the vitiligo treatment.

5. Avoid long time take medicine

Vitiligo take medicines year in and year out will make their liver and kidney function decrease, in addition to this long time use medicine will lead to your body have resistance to the medicine and finally can largely decrease the medicine effects. Long time use medicine will lead to largely decrease of the medicine treatment effects. Long time use medicine will result in the decrease of vitiligo patient’s metabolic function to the medicine, moreover it also can induce some side effects.

6. Avoid abuse hormone

Abuse hormone is one of the important factors worsen the vitiligo, many vitiligo patients have ambivalence emotion to the hormone. Properly use hormone can achieve the effect to treat vitiligo, generally speaking, small dose, short time, local use hormone can not cause obvious harm to the body of the patient.

7. Avoid blindly use tonic

Vitiligo patients can properly and syndrome differentiatedly use some health care products have the effects of reinforcing deficiency and supplementing Qi. But if you use some tonic only to tonic your body it will change the benefits into the adverse effects.

8. Avoid change medicines random

The vitiligo treatment at initial stage should avoid change medicine frequently and blindly, the first treatment of vitiligo treatment at initial stage is very important, you need to choose medicine carefully.

Warm prompts: vitiligo patients in the development stage need to avoid foods contains too much fat, need to avoid intake foods with spicy, pungent, sweet, stimulating flavor, they need to avoid intake seafood and fishes. They can eat more high protein, high energy, rich in vitamin B foods, properly supply micro elements, eat more dark color foods such as black soya beans, black rice, black sesame, walnut kernels, black fungus, black dates, mulberry, peanuts and so on. Avoid eat or eat less foods rich in vitamin C such as tomatoes, oranges, grapefruits, apricots, hawthorns, strawberries, kiwifruits and so on.


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