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Female Vitiligo Patients Daily Care


In our daily life, we often saw some female vitiligo patients have vitiligo on their face and hands. The female all love beauty, the appear of vitiligo is directly infect their appearance, this is a very big blow to their self confidence. So female vitiligo patients must pay attention to the daily care.

First what harms of female vitiligo have?

1. It will harm to their appearance. The vitiligo directly infect their beautiful face, it make many women love beauty hard to accept. Most female are very care about their appearance, they careful dressed themselves whenever they go out, the vitiligo appear in the exposed area is harm to their appearance and image.

2. It will harm to their mental health. The vitiligo will harm their outside image and bring huge mental burden to them at same time. They will often feel dread, self-abasement, worry fear discriminate by others, do not have the courage to see others, have serious mental disease.

3. It will damage your romantic relationship, work. Some work units have request for outside image, if you have vitiligo you might shun out by this kind of job. Because vitiligo, female is hard to communicate with the people of opposite sex, they feel hard to be accepted by opposite sex, they are easy lose their confidence to their life.

4. If their illness state further developed. If their vitiligo didn’t treated in timely, their vitiligo might worsen into generalized vitiligo, add the treatment difficulty even finally induce concurrent disease such as cataract.

Female vitiligo patients how to take care themselves in their daily life.

1. They should pay attention to their skin conditions. The symptoms of vitiligo is white patches on the skin, most is shallow white in the initial stage, suborbicular, oval or irregular shape. Except loss of pigment, you can not feel itch or hurt. Only have one or several white patches in the initial stage and most of it appear in the exposed skin. The female need to pay attention to their skin change more often, diagnose and treat the vitiligo timely.

Keep a good mental state. Pay attention to train their psychological quality, keep your mind serenity, learn to adjust your abnormal emotions.

2. Release conflicts and pressures in your mind, release your mental pressure. You also can cultivate your hobbies, distract your attentions through recreation, learning.

3. Life and diet habits. Keep a good habit is very important for the vitiligo treatment. The vitiligo patients in their daily life should pay attention to personal hygiene, maintain a clean and tidy home; keep a reasonable work and rest habit, do not stay up late; eat more foods with black and purple color such as black soya beans, black rice, black sesame, walnuts; avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods such as peppers, raw garlic, wines and so on; try to eat less foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus and lemons and so on.

4. Take care of your skin avoid external injuries. Take gentle shower, avoid rub your body with too much strength; avoid directly contact with phenol and phenol compound such as rubber gloves; pay attention to take care of your skin, avoid external injuries, avoid long time exposure to the sunlight and so on. Warm prompts: the types of vitiligo are varies, the pathogens are complex, so the female must pay attention to do a good preventive job, keep a good life style, once find the vitiligo you should go to hospital as early as possible. I believe all the female friends can own healthy body and beautiful face.


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